what i heard about loneliness is being alone but i felt something  different. last some days i have been living alone in my room and every moment i have been passing through with pain or thinking about something. i need to state strongly that we never be alone as our life, soul, brain with us.

however, lonely places are good for manipulating anyone's time to think about something. 

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  • Akeelapan museebat hain. Main akeela pasand. It's very terrible to feel lonely. Thanks for sharing!

  • thank you all to share your ideas with me. actually, most of my friends have gone from the area where i am living now. i know my situation but i will be okay after some while.

  • Be in the company of good friends.  This will not make you worry over trifle things.  Enjoy life to the fullest while there is yet time.  But be sure that you are not leading your life to the road where destruction is waiting at the end.

  • Sometimes we need to be alone for doing introspection. :)

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