living in the world

life is the places where we were comfortable with our family. But inside of them sometimes we feel sadness and happiness. Happiness comes if we feel happy and also enjoy with something. And sadness comes if we feel unhappy and also doesn't really enjoy about something. Some of the people get "spirit" to catch our happiness and also some of them felt under control and make them be sadness, so.. "what is the meaning of living in the world"? just only ourself have to know... that everything will be better soon.
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  • what you say is true Rini..thats life... when you grow older wiser through passage of time one is able to balance ones way of life...i feel assertiveness is in the shadow can make a person sad too.
  • hi my friend"widada",. thank's for your comment on my blogs,I think it's a great,....comment here...(*_*)"patient is the correct conclusion". Because Im believed after dieth, there will be another life and we don't know each other..that's sound great. and only believed on God..(*_*)
  • In my religion, live in the world is not everything, because we believe that after death there will be another life everlasting. Happiness or sadness is a test, many people fail to the both test. Patient is the correct answer. If we receive a lot of fun, patience will hold that, and if we accept the grief, with patience hopefully will soon be turned into joy. Thank
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  • Hello, I'm new in this website, I have read some of your writings, and they very nice.
    I hope read other soon.
  • Hi dear RIYA...I like your comment "this positive approach is very important. Thank's alot my dear you get leisure time to be the reader on my blogs.
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