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Hi everyone,

It's my pleasure to be here with you all to ask for your opinions that would may open doors to enhance listening skill for those whose native language is not English. Please do share your thoughts and ideas generously to make this topic become more useful for all in practice for listening skill. Thanks you all. See you next time.

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       Here is the link if you are interested :)

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                 Those 2 important skills are inseperatable , listening always comes first before speaking skills even in our native languages . We can't…
    • Thanks, I will have a look for sure.

  • Hi , mehmet
    I have wrote a blog about this topic

  • Useful suggestions, thanks in advance.

  • Hi, mehmet! 
    Well, if you google it, or even search this website, you will find loads of ideas. So, I won't make a new list here. But I can tell you what helped me the most:
    In the beginning I was listening to audio books and was reading the book (e-book) simultaneously. I chose books which used that kind of vocabulary I wanted to learn. That helped me to understand novels, university lectures, news, and all kind of formal English.

    Secondly, I watched series which had a lot of slang in it, or very tough accents. I watched them first without, and after that with English subtitles. So I could test myself what was already easy to understand, and for which words I still needed the help of the subtitles. That helped me to understand easily all kind of (fast spoken) conversations. I find it important to choose material that is a challenge, and work concentrated for an hour or so. That worked best for me. Greetings!   

  • listen to audio English records which are produced by reliable sources as much as you can. Thank you.    

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