wisdom (2)


 There lived a man with his son.

He always gave pieces of advice to his son " Son!  Be wise, respect elderly people, never pick something up which doesn't belong to you "

" Alright, father" Said his son. 

One day, on the way to the mosq for the morning prayer, He (The man)  lit his torch light and he saw some money around, he picked the money up and put it in his pocket. 

The young boy saw him but didn't say anything. 

Back home, the man told his son to go and lie down until the Sun rises,  the young

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Be wise!!!

 There was a couple married in a village, they used to fight at any moment, the husband beats the lady every time. 

 One day,  the lady decided to put an end to that fight. She went to the wizard,  she entered his house, greeted the wizard and sat down " dear sir, I've come to you with a problem that harassed me alot, and for long time. But today I decided to come to you so that you help me have a solution to that problem." complained the lady.  

 She explained all the story to the wizard. 

The wiz

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