sunflower (2)

Visiting a sunflower field

After staying at home for a couple of months, we finally decided to have some fun last weekend. Guess what? We visited a sunflower field which was only 30mins away for the first time. There were many people there. Most if not all people were wearing masks and were trying to keep distance from each other. We had good time. 

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Thumbs Up for Tithonia!


One of the most prolific annual plants to attract pollinators in the garden is the Tithonia rotundifolia or commonly known as the Mexican sunflower. I wonder if it’s really came from Mexico, though. It has striking red and orange foliage about 8cm which look like daisies. Its main tiny flowers are either yellow or light orange. The plant can be used as borders and can be paired with other herbaceous plants.

3416040200?profile=RESIZE_710xLast February, I seeded some of them in a container. Others didn’t germinate but it’s OK

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