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Food of the Body vs food of Soul

Food of the Body:

  1. All kinds of foods that we consume every day for keeping us healthy.

Food of the Soul:

  1. Reading Books. (Fake)
  2. Going out for refreshments. (Fake)
  3. Thinking about the wonder of nature (for example sky, star, planet, galaxy, human body, etc.) and the science behind it. (Fake)
  4. Watching TV. (Fake)
  5. Thinking positively about myself and others as well. (Fake)
  6. Talking with people. (Fake)
  7. Helping Others. (Fake)
  8. Loving myself i.e being confident. (Fake)
  9. Praying (O.M)
  10. Meditating(O.M)
  11. Forgiving(O.M)
  12. Gettin
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Mayumi's Poem #10


Your Own Soul


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When to say yes

When to say no

When can I be my best

Or should I just let it go


Where is the pot of gold

Where is the sweet honey

What does it take to be BOLD

On this bumpy road journey


Does it always have to be rough

Why can't it be just like an innocent laugh

Does it always have to be borrowed

From the casting shadow of tomorrow


Yes! You can clasp a hand of hope

No! Don't expect it's gonna be cotton soft

You've got to pull yourself together

Believe without fail,

That things will always be

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