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Using a Kindle to improve English

Improve your reading and English with a Kindle


I love reading.  I love to read physical books but also to read electronic books or ebooks.  To read an ebook, you need a device since the words are not printed on paper but designed to be read on an electronic device.  The one I am most familiar with because I use it is the Kindle from Amazon.  Other e-readers may have similar features.

So how can a Kindle help you improve your reading and your English?

When you are reading, you don’t want to stop ev

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Nah, Learning English not for me!

I tried every way but eventually, I failed to be a Fairless English speaker. 

 I memorized thousands of words, phrases, appropriate prepositions during my last 10 years but I have forgotten most of them. 

 I joined many speaking clubs, Toastmaster club, FB group, skype group even currently I am running a speaking club by zoom eventually all are worthless. 

 I followed the suggestions of many experts but I couldn't figure out my problem. 

 Joined many social platforms like EcClub but these are not en

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