learning english (2)

Nah, Learning English not for me!

I tried every way but eventually, I failed to be a Fairless English speaker. 

 I memorized thousands of words, phrases, appropriate prepositions during my last 10 years but I have forgotten most of them. 

 I joined many speaking clubs, Toastmaster club, FB group, skype group even currently I am running a speaking club by zoom eventually all are worthless. 

 I followed the suggestions of many experts but I couldn't figure out my problem. 

 Joined many social platforms like EcClub but these are not en

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Flashcards and learning English



download?force=trueWhen it comes to learning English, there are numerous ways and variations to learn the language.

Depending on a learner's capacity, style, methods of learning, etc., one of the ways to learn some new words or phrases can be flashcards.

We all know how they work. You need some, e.g., 3x5 cards and marker pens. On one side of the card, you write a word or a phrase in a source language, on the other, the target one.

Many benefits are learning a language with flashcards. In the several following line

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