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Learn English with your partner



Learning a language requires a lot of motivation. What can motivate you more than love? That beautiful thing called love. 

Some are fortunate to have partners that are native English speakers, and today is also common that you are married to a person who is a native English speaker.

At first, you talk with your partner, mainly in English, except if you are fortunate that he or she speaks your native language. Often misplaced verbs or not so good use of adjectives aren't that much of a problem. Bu

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Simple tips to learn English with songs

''Music is a language that doesn't speak in particular words, it speaks in emotion'' said once Keith Richards and we are with him on this one! Not only that it's what our heart and mind enjoy, but it is a very useful language learning resource. If you are a music lover and a language enthousiastic, stick here as we will elaborate further how to improve your English language with songs.

Why you should choose music to help you learn?

  1. Practice listening skills
  2. Improve vocabulary
  3. Learn slangs
  4. Better pron
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