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  • Raise awareness of isolation and self-isolation when returning from epidemic areas to limit the spread of covid-19 to the community. driving directions

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  •   Yes  , it's true . In short , we are the makers of our own life's  

    • Good or Bad, it is we who make it!

  • Nice, Ankita,
    it looks like you made this yourself, and I share your opinion... As long as you belong to the fortunate people who get a chance of living your life in the first place... 

    Maybe you can post this in the video section, then it doesn't get lost in the vast sea of "blogs" here. ;-) 

    • thank you so much for this... and I. really liked your opinion 

  • Oi there, folks's not always so....just like the mothers and new born babies in the Afghan maternity ward gunned down by the holy book readers.  


    The newborn baby who survived two gunshots
    Amina is one of the youngest survivors of an attack on an Afghan maternity ward which killed 24 people last week.
    • Yeah, well, rys, you know how much I hate religious doctrines, but innocent people get injured and killed every day by all sorts of people. :((( 

      • yeah, sab but true

        • sad*

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