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 In the distance, he vaguely sees a girl smiling................his daughter. He recalls his daughter  saying. "I love you papa!" She was repeatedly saying this and tears were rolling down on her cheeks. Her mother was dragging her out.... She was leaving.

He remembered what happened last evening.  He was off from his work, looking very happy to tell his wife back at home about his promotion.  He stopped to purchase some gift for his wife and daughter.  When he was coming out of the shop a man in poor, filthy dress interrupted him. "Why you are looking so happy............nobody loves you.  Here is non-who loves other, except selves."  He got angry, "you are mad, everybody loves me my wife, my friends, every one!" "Do you want to hear them inside” The man said to him with a loud laugh.  Then he hugged him tight. He tried to get rid of the man, but his grip was very strong.  Few moments later he released him and ran away.  When the old man was gone, he felt a change in him, he heard people talking. Everyone was going to their respective destination quietly, but he was hearing their inside.

"Am I’ve gone crazy?”.  He was thinking standing there and staring at the people passing.  He heard a lady who was passing by him, though she was quiet, he heard her inside.  He got upset and rush to go back to his home.  

"I am home honey!" He called his wife while entering the house.  

"He has come back, showing his love, what I will do with his love when he doesn't have enough to provide the comfort I want."   He heard his wife inside when she was hugging and kissing him.  "I love you darling.  Waiting for you."  Inside voice: "I was sleeping, interrupted my sleep!"  He got shocked hearing her inside. 

"What are you saying, do you not love me." He said in with a great shock.  "What! how do you kn..........say that I do love you, darling."  "that was my mistake to marry him..................I thought he would be a rich man.........but..............."

Then the argument was igniting, and they were calling each other liar......................his daughter was standing at the door, first smiling, ...............then got frightened...............she was looking worried.

"You get out of my house and leave at once...........and take this girl with you." He was very upset.  His wife also got upset thinking that he had gone mad, "but how could he know what I was thinking, really gone mad, I can't live with him.  She was dragging her daughter out of the house.  The little girl was crying.......I love you papa...............I really love you papa.............I don't want to go!"  But he didn't listen.

He remembered that when his daughter was calling him......."I love you, papa.........he heard her inside saying the same "I love you papa..............I really love you."   

The ability to hear people inside is no more when he wakes up next day, and he realized that still there is true and pure love inside and outside, so the life is not hopeless at all.

 He knew where he can find his wife and daughter, and he was driving fast to reach there before it is too late.

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  • Thanks @saba for liking.


    Hi Mishaikh

    The story is interesting.

  • Thanks @Rose Iris  for once again liking it.  Actually I was unable to find this blog of mine, so I decided to post it again.  And you know, the link assigned to me is a fresh one, because if you try to repost an existing blog, the link is assigned with a numerical suffix, but it didn't happened when I repost this blog.

    Thanks once again for all your encouragement and appreciations.

  • Mishaikh, I still remember this story written by you. It was a participation in one of Onee-chan's writing challenges if I remember right.

    I loved reading it.

    I am happy not to be able to hear what others think. It makes life easier.

    We have a German saying: What I do not know will not hurt me.


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