Let's Remember the Best!

Hi, everyone! The year is coming to the end and, as usual, we can’t help recalling its memorable moments. 2017 hasn’t been the best in my life. It was a year of cardinal decisions and fundamental changes, a year of losses and finds, disappointment and quest, hesitation and reflection, despondency and rapture, new discoveries and new sources of inspiration. But whatever we live through makes us stronger and wiser and sooner or later we start realizing it was all for the best. So, I’d like to leave my bad memories in the past while I’d like to keep the best forever.
One of my best memories is great writing challenges on EC this year. Some of them were started in 2016 but I can’t help mentioning them because of the reaction they caused. I believe you will gladly recall those outstanding events in our EC life and share my delight.

I will start with a great poetry challenge proposed by our dear Onee-Chan. I like it so much! Thank you, dear!
It was really bold and hilarious idea to use the words from the “Guess My Word” game in poems! When there left only three words: DISTILLATION, FLEXIBILITY and FREELOADER, I decided to help and wrote a funny poem. Most of the poems were great, many of them were very funny (I remember Onee’s one about a colander, a poem about a label under the table, Mishaikh’s poem and some others) but Luci’s one was unforgettable.

One more challenge I liked very much was AG’s “Tell a Joke”.
We were able to read so many funny jokes told by the people from different countries! Humor unites! Thank you, AG! It was a great idea!

I will also mention my interesting funny challenge
I admit borrowing the idea from Onee. So, I asked EC members to write something funny using the words from the Jeopardy game. At first, it didn’t work out like it had been expected but in the end it resulted in many great poems and stories. I would like to mention Rose’s hilarious poem and Luci’s stunning story. And, of course, I can’t help telling about Tanya’s and my blog “A Poetic Battle” I still read if I feel sad.

Unfortunately, I have never had enough time to read much on EC. But I think I won’t be wrong if I say that Luci’s “Who am I? Who is he/she?” was one of the best challenges this year!
I believe it was a perfect idea to tell other members what we feel and think about them as well as to tell more about ourselves. We could choose any style and make our stories either serious or humorous or funny and all the participants chose their own way. As a result, we learned much more about each other and enriched EC with a lot of great blogs! Thank you, my dear muse!

I am also happy to see Mary’s blog “Choose 5 blogs you wrote in EC that you like best”
It is a wonderful idea to share our best masterpieces with others. Thanks, dear lady!

Finally, I will mention one of my last challenges based on the learners’ mistakes.
I do like your reaction! My friends, you wrote such great stories that most of them were featured! You know, the health of nation is its ability to laugh at itself. We can say the same about each individual and I am happy to see heathy people around! Thank you all for participating and learning from your and others’ mistakes. It makes any teacher sleep well! LOL!
Sure, I haven’t been able to tell about all the blogs I really like. I chose a few as I consider them being interesting and learning.

I sincerely believe you will add your favorite blogs, discussions and challenges to the list I have started!

Please, go on writing!

Thanks for your attention!

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  • Yes, Mary, exactly!

  • Oh, I see! So the wrong thing is to add 'the'. Thanks for the explanation, I already made the correction in the blog :)

  • Thank you, actually now I try first to understand the sentence.

  • Thank you, Bet! You are learning and your answers are much better than before!

  • Dear Mary, in fact there is no difference belween "I like it best" or "I like it most". But I am sure you know the idiom "best of all". Anyway, in your sentence either of these words is an adverb which superlative degree is used without THE.

  • What to add more.....I think, I should make a list from the very beginning for the next year! But, no doubt, I liked your and Tanya's Grammar test no matter how bad I was!

  • Nice blog Danny,

    and thanks to correct the title of my blog! Can you explain me the difference of saying 'best' instead of 'the most' there?  

  • Dear Fafime, thanks a lot! Sure, I couldn't mention all great activities. I told about a few I liked best of all.

  • It seems I lost many precious blogs/discussions here...

    It's about few months I joined my EC again. I was a member with another email and I forgot my password... So I had to join here again. I hope to read and learn as much as possible here with great teachers like you.

    Thanks a bunch for your informative blog. 

    Merry Christmas in advance and wish you a joyful holidays.

  • Thanks for your comments, my friends! I hope you will add some other interesting EC activities to my list like Tanya and Onee did. I posted this blog for everyone to be able to read something interesting and useful.

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