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Hello, my dear friends!
Do you ever wish you were able to play a musical instrument? The truth is we all do, don’t  we?  (Hope I’m  not bending the truth!)  Unfortunately,  there  could  be  some justifiable grounds for your dream failed to materialize. Perhaps you don’t have the means to own, for example, a piano as it costs you an arm and a leg. If you are one of those disappointed souls, the following instruments are coming to you for absolutely free! This is the moment you've been waiting for all this while. Please don't think that this is a childish prank, my friend. I'm deadly serious!! I know what is  crossing your mind right now!  Believe me,  I’m  not .insane and they are neither just  images of musical instruments  nor  e-toys!  They are  ‘real’ and you can use them straight away. The only difference is that they are ‘virtual.and you use either your computer keyboard or mouse to operate them. 
Well, what are you waiting for? Go on; give them a try! I’m sure you’ll have fun!

Lite Piano


How to use the Lite Piano

Click the  ‘question mark’ (?)  on the  top  right-hand  corner  of the piano.
This will show you the  characters.(letters,  numbers  and  symbols) matched
with the keys on your  computer  keyboard  that  correspond to the piano.
Press  an associated key on your keyboard to make the sound of that note
on the piano  
For a start,  try to play this series of musical notes(Use your computer keys)


Practise the song a few times.  Can you  guess the song  from the tune?
Now, for a change, try playing the song with the 'choir' tone! How's it?
For more 'tones',  click the option 'Full  Version'.  There are 4 different
tones under 'Sounds'.  Learn the SongPlay  and  Reset functions too! 


Player Piano


How to use the Player Piano:

Press the ‘Playbutton. A song will be played. This song is the default.  

Press the  ‘Songs’  button to pick .another song  from the list of songs.
Press the  ‘Play  button to listen to the song that you've  just selected.
[You. can hide the play list by clicking the  ‘songs  button again.  This will enable
you to see the piano keys.]
The  characters that you see  on the top of the  Player Piano are the  musical
notes of the song that is currently being played.
Now,. delete the musical notes of the current songCopy the musical notes
that  I have given above for the Lite Piano and paste onto the Player Piano's
musical notes box’.
Press the ‘slower (+)button and set the ‘Interval’ to 375.
Press the ‘Playbutton. Ok! You sould able to guess the song this time.
Click the ‘question mark (?) to learn more about  'Interval' and other things.

Here's another song for you to practise. (Set 'Interval' to 400 or 425


Do you know the name of the song?      
Use the  Player Piano  and  Lite Piano to play the song with  your computer keyboard keys.  If you are using the  Player Piano,  just  look at the musical
notes you pasted on the top and play accordingly. Isn't it much convenient?


Advanced Piano



This piano has more things to offer than the earlier two!

Press the button 'Notes' to  display  the  characters .in reference to your pc keys.
Press the  'down arrow'  button to display the musical notes of a song and start

playing. The arrow displays a different song every time you press it.  

Experiment the functions of the various buttons on the piano by.pressing.them
one at a time. For example, under 'loops' (the tiny green buttons) you can choose a

suitable rhythm to accompany your melody.


Virtual Guitar  

Aren't you sure how to tune a guitar? I've a virtual 'Guitar Tuner' for you :-)

Click HERE and you know what I'm talking about!


Virtual Drum Set

  Virtual DrumPad
Reggaetone Mixer (1)
Bass has 4 columns of loops;   Drum 6 columns  and   Synth 4 columns.
I've a suggestion of four different combination  of .loops for you to try!

         Bass Loop                   Drum Loop                    Synth Loops

1.   Row: 3    Column: 3            Row: 3    Column: 4              Row: 1    Column: 2

2.   Row: 5    Column: 4            Row: 5    Column: 5              Row: 5    Column: 2

3.   Row: 4    Column: 3            Row: 2    Column: 5              Row: 4    Column: 2

4.   Row: 5    Column: 1            Row: 3    Column: 3              Row: 1    Column: 3
                                                               Row: 5    Column: 6
You can use any combination as the accompanying  music while you are

playing the piano. Adjust the sound of the mixer to an acceptable volume.

Reggaetone Mixer (2)


Voice Recorder

You could use this device to record your voice or singing and do an instant

playback of your recording. 

1.  Click on the button ‘Record Sample From Mic or Input
2.  You’ll be requested access to your microphone. Click the ‘Allow’ button.
     (If the first click doesn’t work, click again (and again, if necessary!)
3.  Now you can begin singing as the tool has started to record.
4.  Click on the ‘Stop Recording’ button once you’ve finished  singing.
5.  Click on the ‘Play Recording’ button to listen to your recording.
6.  If you want to record another song, you have to refresh the blog.

     Note: Your recordings will not be saved permanently. Enjoy recording your voice!

              Please take note that there is/are

              extra  information  about  the .above  instruments;
              more virtual  musical instruments for you to play;

              lyrics and keyboard guide to some familiar songs.

              You could find all these on the below comments .section.

              I have to do so as the space  on  the  blog  is  constrained.

              If you're in doubt or have a query, don't hesitate to ask me! 


The BEST Virtual Piano
      This  online virtual piano  was  added  to  the  blog  on  October, 13th. 2012
      What you see below is  NOT  a widget.  It's only a  screeshot  of  the  piano!
      Click on the image of the piano to open the web page on a separate window.

      For your info, over 8 million people are using this online virtual instrument.  

   Online Virtual Piano


Guide to the Piano:

Click on the "MAIN MENU" button for all the options open to you.
1. Key Assist Off - Click on this button to display the letter/number keys of your
                                   computer that correspond to the piano keys.
2. Music Sheets    - Notes (computer keys) to some songs for you to play.
                                   (Hold and Drag the music sheet to the top of the piano with your mouse 
                                         so that it will not cover the piano keys.)
3. Record Keys     - Pressing this button will allow you to record the notes you play.

4. Play Song          - You can play back the notes (song) that you have recorded.

Note: I'll post in the comment box some videos that teach us a few songs.
           If you see a video with this logo, just remember that it's applicable solely for 
           the 'Online Virtual Piano' and not other virtual pianos as the computer keys
           used are different.
~* GS *~
September, 26th. 2012
Note: You're invited to participate in our ongoing pronunciation class right HERE on EC!
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    I did get pleasure playing these instruments ;)

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  • Song No. 23

    Use the following sequence of letters on your computer keyboard to play
    the song. Learn from the previous songs on how to make any of the above
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    this loop on the Advanced Piano as an accompanying music for your song.
    Loop .: Column ↓ 1 : Row2
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