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Learning English has been compulsory in the last decades to access higher education or obtain a better-paid job. Therefore, it is possible to find different courses that allow you to practice the language. Hence, we, as learners, need to think of the learning environment, because we have to immerse ourselves in English scenarios that permit us to practice and understand the cultural differences that imply learning a language. In consequence, the use of technology has become a tool that allows us to create an environment that fits our needs, motivations, and learning requirements. Some of us may be paying for a course, nonetheless, the time we spend during the lessons represents only 10 percent of the process, what we do outside the classroom, I mean, the listening we get from movies or music, the conversation we can have with friends, or the reading or writing we do for pleasure helps us to have a learning environment. I invite you to practice as much as you can, and to create communities for learning, for practicing and for enjoying the process. 

By the way, what are your reading in English? In my case, I am reading the Great Gatsby. Any suggestions?

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  • I read the Great Gatsby 7/8 years ago, and Once here on EC I used to use an avator which was the cover of the book. Nice try!

    • Great, reading is always a good way of boosting our vocabulary, The more we read, the wider our vocabulary will be. The great Gatsby is a great book, after, you can watch the movie. Always books before movies; nonetheless, the movie will be a good practice too. 

  •  By the way, the environment implies any dynamics that affect the learning process, for instance, my cellphone is in English, my laptop is in English, and the TV I watch is mainly in English. I look for activities in my city where English is the communication medium, I've gone to the museum where the guides speak in English, and there are some local English conversation clubs. 

    • Sure, the conducive environment facilitates foreign language learners to acquire language / pick up the language , while they are interacting with the other speakers.

  • Hello Carlos, I am on the same page as you. Comprehensible input is key to gaining fluency and accuracy in our production skills. Extensive reading i.e reading for pleasure and extensive listening i.e listening for pleasure will help us a lot in the long run of language acquisition.

    As for the book I am reading, I am reading a book about global skills in ELT context by Oxford University Press

  • Oi Carlos Mora, You're an old member of this site, but unfortunately , I haven't seen my name in your friend list !..Could you add me if possible. One of the senior members .

    • Yep, older than me. 2010 was his first entry I see. 

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