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Learning a language requires a lot of motivation. What can motivate you more than love? That beautiful thing called love. 

Some are fortunate to have partners that are native English speakers, and today is also common that you are married to a person who is a native English speaker.

At first, you talk with your partner, mainly in English, except if you are fortunate that he or she speaks your native language. Often misplaced verbs or not so good use of adjectives aren't that much of a problem. But, as time passes, you want to express your feelings more intellectual way. And that is perfectly normal.

No matter on which proficiency level you are, in these situations, your partner can be more than helpful. Not only you will master the English language, but you will also make your spouse very happy and proud.

From my personal experience, I found useful the following tips:



What motivates you more than your partner and love for him/her? Well, probably nothing more. This reason is often enough to be motivated and give your best.

 Speak in English

The first and foremost tip is to talk to your spouse in English. Only in English. The classic conversation is something you've surely mastered, but if you want your communication to be more like a conversation between adults, then start talking about more intellectual themes. 

 Read a lot 

Reading not only newspapers, but books help you a lot. While reading, you will meet with many synonyms, new phrases, and adjectives that you can use later. At first, it may seem that this is hard, but be persistent, make it a daily habit, and soon good results will come.

 Don't be shy

As much as can be exciting and tempting learning with your partner, let's be honest; there will be a time when you will fell shyness, especially when you make mistakes. You want to impress your spouses, so this is perfectly normal. But get over that and think about your goal, which is mastering the language.

  Learn together- it will make your relationship stronger

Learning and practicing together is useful for both of you; it is fun and makes your relationship stronger and healthier. This way, both of you achieve closeness.


 The last but not list of my tips, don't be harsh on yourself. Give yourself time. And be sure that your partner will surely appreciate your effort.

 Do you have some additional tips for learning English with your partner? 

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