KInds of Lies

Kinds of Lies

Some people see lies as a part of their everyday life. While others see them as the worst sin. No matter your view point is. Lying is something that everyone does at sometimes.

If you think you never tell a lie. Take a look at these items. Perhaps one of these lies to be familiar to you.

White lies (lie about things that aren’t important). Mother, your meatloaf is very delicious (while you hate the meatloaf).

Beneficial lies (small lies mostly considered to help. People benefit from them).A farmer lied to the Nazi army that No one was hiding in his farmlands. Or parents lie to the children about Santa.

Spiteful lies or work lies (Job require them to gain benefit and hurt people). Sellers lie to their customers to talk them into buying the fake and shoddy products.

Polite lies (lie that to meet standards of politeness). I really enjoyed the party.

Bluffing (Pretending that you are going to do something or are capable of doing when you are not). He bluffed me into believing that he was a doctor.

Neutral lies (there is no harm to both sides and is a protection to privacy). When asked about private things, people may avoid answering the truth by telling a lie.

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  • Very interesting & nice blog. You nicely described it point wise and sometimes we do it for keeping happy or to save anyone.

    But sometimes for a lie, can be made others life hell & harmful, also to establish a lie you need to be told more lie.

    I know a person who tell lie frequently to hide or protect her bad activities from her family or anyone dearest. Even s/he sometimes tell her/his lie to opposite nicely & commitment holding the holy book or touching her kids head or god shake or mother shake but its proof later on that which s/he told with mentioned above, all was his/her lie.  

    So lie never good and its encourage/help to make lot of lie to establish one silly lie. BTW like your thinking & writing  and thanks for sharing dear coral.   


  • Lol, Estanis! This is the best way for not staying hungry.

  • I usually tell my wife how yummy and good she cooks. I guess that's a beneficial lie, otherwise I'll have to make my own meal.
  • Saba

    Really, which country??:D:D

  • Hi mohammad

    Thanks for your nice words.

  • Yes, I heard the story of the lair shepherd, and felt sorry for him. BTW, 2014 world cup has begun, do you know a country has sent its volleyball team instead of the football team to 2014 world cup??!!! :D :D

  • Lying is an immoral manner. In our Islamic culture lying is famous as the mother or other guilts.

    beautiful blog, thanks   

  • Hi Sana

    Thank you for being so honest with me.

  • its nice too read too many kinds of lie.its nt really a polite lie lol :D

    thnks for sharing

  • Hi Luzzi

    Totally agreed, as you mentioned the most painful lies is intentional lie. every body doesn't like such lairs. In fact, they hurt themselves. they lost their best friends by telling these kinds of lies.

    thanks for your nice comment

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