Killer Soda

        People in this world wants to drink and be energize. But they aren't aware that they only make the Soda companies just like "Pepsi products and  Cocacola" to be rich. They don't realize the possible effects of this kinds of beverages into our body. According to what I have searched in the internet soda can take your life so easily. Here are the following reasons that how can cola and soda takes your life so easily:

        First The soda just like coke has a Phosphoric Acid that can make our bones so weak and Roth our teeth so easily. Phosphoric acid are inhaled or come in contact with skin and other body tissue, it can cause dermatitis, pain, tearing, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing or breathing and gastrointestinal problem. Excessive artificial sweetness makes you crave more

       Second Caramel Color is made from the chemical caramel is purely

Cosmetic it doesn't add flavor yet is tainted with carcinogen.

Formaldehyde- Carcinogen is not added in soda  but when you digest aspartame sugar, it will break down two amino acid and methanol formic acid plus formaldehyde (diet coke).

      Third High fructose Corn Syrup is a concentrated sugar fructose. It increase body fat ,  cholesterol, triglyceride and also makes you hungry.  Soda has also a lot of of risk to our body.

     Soda has been known to comprise certain chemicals that make you feel dehydrated. This is the reason why, even after drinking lots of soda, you continue to feel thirsty.

     Every can of soda contains carbonic acid, which is a highly corrosive material. Hence, regular and frequent consumption of drinking soda can cause unimaginable damage to the human body.

    One of the prime side effects associated with the consumption of soda is that it is high in sugar content. This leads to the development of a number of health problems, like obesity and oral decay. Consumption of any form of aerated drink containing soda means that there is consumption of empty calories, which results in weight gain.

    There is high sugar content and too much fructose corn syrup in soda. Too much consumption of the drink can easily make you put on excessive weight. Soda does not have any nutritional value. Drinking it regularly means that you are just adding on empty calories. Excessive consumption of soda can result in high blood sugar, which can lead to faintness, rapid heart rate, and dehydration. Since soda contains too much sugar and acid, it can play havoc with your oral health. Not only does it dissolve the calcium out of tooth enamel, but can also cause a lot of cavities.

   Soda is also loaded with caffeine, which is a stimulant, the reason why it develops into an addiction soon. Consumption of excess of caffeine can cause irritability and restlessness. In case you are consuming soda from a can, you must be aware of the fact that aluminum has been found to be a contributing factor in Alzheimer’s disease, which is an incurable, degenerative and terminal mental condition. Caffeine removes calcium from our bodies. So, if you are drinking too much soda, you are also ingesting too much calcium, which ultimately will affect the strength of your bones. Irritability, restlessness, tension, insomnia, excitement and gastrointestinal disturbance are some other side effects of caffeine, which often result from high consumption of soda .

     We should always remember that this kind of a beverage will make our lives so short and we should always love our own body.


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  • People know this but still they love to drink these chemicals.  

    Their reason:  Why would companies be allowed to produce those drinks if they are harmful and dangerous?'s the same with cigarettes.  That is why, every advertisement for cigarettes has this familiar line affixed: "Smoking is Dangerous to your Health"

    Ironically, the insatiable taste of men for something good and dangerous remains insatiable.  Man fears death but he is actually eating the cause.

  • long time ago, I read somewhere that consuming one glass of soda is equal to consuming one full glass of pure sugar, I also read that it contains some toxic chemical from petrol, soda is so bad for health and it is known that caffeine destroys the bladder besides the other side affects! I love soda but I do not take it!

    thanks for sharing! :) 

  • Angelito Jr Lagos, I don't drink liquid chemicals :) Water, tea, cocoa and coffee are my friends if I feel thirsty :) Thanks for information :)

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