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There was a young man who often liked to say "wonderful"

He one day went hunting with his boss. Once in the forest, he suddenly saw an animal and then he took the gun from the boss. He triggered the gun boom!!!

Unfortunately the bullet cut his boss's thumb.
The guy was sent to prison after the incident.

One week later, the boss went hunting for the second time alone. He went so far he surpassed the his country's boundary.

All at once, he was caught by cannibalists and was tied up on a tronc of a tree.

When the time of eating him had arrived, one of the cannibalists found that he had one finger missing!!

The chief cannibalist decided not to eat him because of his missing finger what made him think the boss might have a dangerous illness.

Finally he was released and ran immediately home.

Once at home, he ordered to free the guy whom he sent to jail. And then told the guy all the situation he went through, the guy said "wonderful"

The boss was a little upset and asked him "Why do you like saying this word "wonderful"? Even if people are in danger you can't stop saying it.

The guy replied "having cut your finger was wonderful" "If not, I would have followed you to the forest and I would have been devoured by the cannibalists "
And now we are all safe.



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Contes et Légendes (Malal Diallo)

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  • I worried about boss's life much more than my life) 

    So it was a very WONDERFUL story!

  •        Wow. He has the ability to transform negative thought into positive one. Lucky him! God bless you.

    • Yeah definitely. Thanks 

  • The way he sees an event is wonderful!! We should cultivate this kind of mentality.

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