Keep Calm and Scary on!

My roommate Tomy’s funeral was today. I was so tired after the funeral, I came home had a shower and went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard the knock at the door. I opened the door, It was Tomy standing by the door and  says' I forgot to get my phone’. I fainted!

Dear friends, Thank you for reading my little story, I try to write some thing for Halloween. If you got time please share few lines Scary story with us. Thank you!

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  • Awww My lovely Shoba, What a lovely story you wrote here.Its scary, funny and very interesting. So from now if we want new hairstyles this is what we have to do. Lovely imagination.

    Well Done!

    Thanks for sharing.

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  • I enjoyed the "scare" and the amusing comments. Well done, dear Adaline.  

    Here's my story. It's a bit crazy. I hope you will like it. 

    15-year-old Henry was very excited. He was going to attend a Halloween party and had come to Mrs. Scary Spikes' place to style his hair. It was Mr. Spooky Creepy who lived near the cemetery told him that Mrs. Scary Spikes was the right person to see if he wanted to make his hair stand up straight. 

    He went in when called and sat on a chair. Hairstylist Mrs. Scary Spikes asked him to close his eyes for a minute. When he opened his eyes, he was horrified. In place of Mrs. Scary Spikes a ghastly looking witch in greenish color was standing. Cockroaches and lice were crawling all over her body and blood was seeping out of her eyes, ears and mouth. 

    She said in a cackling voice, "Come closer to me, Henry, come closer to me."

    Henry was beside himself with fear. He screamed and screamed at the top of his voice. Then he jumped through an open window and ran as fast as he could to the party. 

    His friends were very surprised when they saw him. They complimented on his hairstyle and asked him what gel he had used to make his hair stand on end. 

    Poor Henry didn't tell them that it was "fear" that gave him this hairstyle, not any gels. Haha. 


  • This kind of story really happened to me. It makes me couldn't sleep alone in a house since it happened. 

  • Dear Evangelina, I like your lovely story. What a lovely imagination. It's so nice to read it on a Halloween night.I hope to see the pumpkins dancing tonight.

    Thank you for your lovely story. You can post it in a separate blog.

    Thank you for your time reading and comment. I appreciate it sweet heart!


  • Aww dear Fr@nk, It seems you wrote the next chapter, coming for charger.

    Well Done!

    Thank you for reading and comment. I appreciate it.

  • Dear noaspls, Yes true, gadgets took important place in our life is int.

    Thank you sweet heart for reading and comment. I appreciate it.

  • Dear Mishaikh, Wow! You got such a good memory. I am amazed. I totally forgot about last year. I just add 'Y' with the name. Thank you for taking your time reading and comment. I appreciate it.

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  • Dear Estanis, He came,  I told him I gave it to Estanis. He will collect it from you tonight :)

    Thank you so much for taking your time reading and leaving your lovely comment. I appreciate it my friend!


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  • Good.  It reminds me your last blog posted on

    November 11, 2015 at 20:30

  • Even in his death, Tom still can't forget his gadget. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

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