Just... WORDS...

Every day you use more than a thousand of them. Every day when the morning starts sooner or later they are on your mind. Words, hundred of words. They can be sweet like suggar, toxic like a drug, sour like vinegar or satisfying like a chocolate bar. Depends on you and on the way you play with them. Your ideas, your desires, your disagreements or pain they all come out of your mouth exactly like the director - your brain wants them to go for a walk.. one by one...

Your beautiful words dancing slowly in the air can make smile on someone's face, exactly like your rude arrogant words can stab a heart and make someone cry. Words have their power, power that can change within a few seconds your own world... power that can make your dreams come true or start the most cruel fight ever...

No matter if you like it or not, your words reflect  your angelic and devilish state of mind. Untold words, hidden secrets, it is just up to you, what you decide to release. You can fool others, you can keep on talking and talking...pretending, playing, flattering.. just don't forget that sometimes one action speaks louder than ..................... one thousand   

Words aren't always so powerful, words aren't always good enough to express what you feel, so let me better shut my cute mouth and finish my this philosophical blablaing with sweet........

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  • Some of words can kill and some of them can heal.
    People never take into account that.
    Therefore I prefer to stay silent sometimes not to do harm people with my words.
    Thank you, dear Lucy, your blog is great.

  • Hello Luci ,

    I didn't visit EC for a while now, and I see that you're still creative :) . I will chut my mouth now too , before I say something wrong xD

    Best regards.

  • Hi Luci , 

    I really enjoyed reading your blog on How words can be a powerful thing that we may not notice it in our daily conversation . So , we should think twice before we speak cause words can inspire and destroy at the same time . 

    Thanks for sharing this .

  • creation of nature and creation of human must bring to the world a perfect union...and the creation of words are another step ...I will call you as the creator of best word's combination in this chatroom... If I were the chairman of the world literature association... no doubt you would invited by presidency of our association and would be most respectable member of us... :)

  • Oou yes! Poor Lucinka! :DDD

  • Mary, 

    woooow so many hearts :D Do I deserve them all? Thank you soooo much my lovely cat.. I m just staring with open mouth :o yeah like this :D i m really so happy you like my writing :p thank youuuu muaahh :-*

  • Onee, bet.. 

    Heheee... You both got it yeahhh :D

  • Anneeee dearrr, 

    I m so happy to see you here :p your wise comment made me speechless hehe :p thank you so much for reading meee and I wish to see your blog here one day!  

  • Ella, 

    thank you so much ;) 

  • Roman, 

    thanks your your comment, I am glad you liked it and hahaa to be honest it is so hard for me to stay silent :D guess you know it now very good hahaaaa :D

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