Just To Be Aware

To hate tears and sadness will not protect you from being sad and shedding lots of tears..

To keep smiling and spreading love will not immerse you in a happiness..

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To fight against injustices and conquer will not provide you with your freedom or rights..golden nugget emoticons 1 Golden Nugget Emoticons

To say or write these words doesn't mean encouraging you to love tears, stop smiling or give up fighting against your rights... It's said to be aware ...

Life will not give you what you are asking for so hold your sadness and keep going on strongly..

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  • is this what you mean by going on strongly ...

    2388376517?profile=originalif this is your strong

    then what is this ....


  • @Temo thanksss a lot :)

  • @Soso

    Thank you so much for encouraging me ^_^

  • @Nidaaaaaaaaaaaa 

    HAve YOU read Maria's comment?? haa!! look how she can figure my creativity and hidden wisdom kekeke 

    NOT like you ! 

    @constantine jacoba maria feijen

    Thanks sweetyyyy ^__^ 

    Happy you like that. I'm not good at English and It would be my pleasure to correct me and guide me too ^_^

    By the way, Nida can't write poems and that sort of arts. She can FIGHT, KILL, Harsh and lead a war kekeke 

  • Anne, that's not STUPIDITY! That's pure INNOCENCE! kekeke

    STUPIDITY is when one thinks that a butterfly is a heart! How romantic! kekeke


  • Thanks a lot Notears  nice blog shared.

    I have aware to your 4 points agenda and agree to you.

    we should fight for justice. thanking again.

  • nice topic

  • kg-babies-innocent-face_large.jpg?w=300&h=187&width=300

    My innocent face itself shows the purity of my brain, Yase!

    Yes, I'm innocent Nida..!
    I push doors that clearly say PULL…
    I laugh harder when I try to explain why I’m laughing..
    I walk into a room and forget why I was there..
    I count on my fingers in maths class.
    I try to accomplish things with time still on the microwave.
    I lie sometimes to hide the pain.
    I cry a lot more than u think I do.
    I’m not so strong as my smile seems to be.
    I get attached to people who care even a little about me.
    A broken nail is as painful as a broken heart.
    I say it's a long story when it’s really not.
    I fall in love too hard too fast…
    Then take time to move on..
    Yes ,I’m innocent Nida :)
    AND I’M PROUD TO BE………….:)


  • Nido, can you explain me how a rotten mind could be pure?

  • Anne, my mind is already pure!


    But what you said about kiddo's eyes is absolutely true :D

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