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It started with ABC and me counting: ONE: TWO: THREE. The language that taught me how to spell CAT as C-A-T and DOG as D-O-G.I never thought that this language that’s called English will be a part of my life. At first, it was really hard for me to acquire this language because of the fact that English was not introduced to me at the very young age and it was not my native language or my mother tongue. I am not also raised by an “English Speaking” family, Tagalog was the only language I knew until English crossed my way.

It was actually hard for me to learn the said language at the beginning, but in learning you have to undergo a process. Until the understanding of the language becomes easy. I can now, write, speak and even converse using the language. Was it easy? No! Have you ever seen a baby that learns how to walk without even seeing him crawl, until he can actually walk with himself? You haven’t, right? Everything comes into process so as The Language Acquisition, learning second language like English is not an easy task, a thing that cannot be done overnight, you have to learn little by little until you become literate. I begin leaning the language by having simple words until the words become sentence and sentences into paragraph and having the ambition to publish a book using the language.

I learned the language not only with myself but with the help of my good teachers that taught me to love the language and inspired me to be more passionate on learning and hopefully; on teaching English as a subject. In learning English you have to like and love the subject until it become a part of you. A part of you that no one can get and a part of your system that can never be removed or replaced.http://http://hannalmuciano.blogspot.com/2012/09/rough-draft.html

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  • thank you Sima and noaslpls:) I appreciate your comments:)

  • Dedication and passion can overcome some boundaries and bumps. 

  • What a great writing ! 

    I love the way that you wrote this blog ,very easy and I did not get tired from reading it ,,

    Thanks a lot :)"

  • you're welcome shabeen:)

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