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Dear all

I am a new member in My English Club. I really like practicing English with my friends but no one can help me because they are all busy. And now I have my English club where I can share whatever I am not good at English, especially my grammar. 

It is possible for you to read my blog, check and incorrect my mistakes? When speaking or writing I always afraid of making mistakes so that I rarely speaking or writing any where but in here I have enough confidence to write and listen to advice from all of you.

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  • Hi I am currently practcing English with native speakers athttp://preply.com/en/english-by-skype and I must say that they present very good quality, but I am looking for another option in order to choose the best, so if anyone have information that could help, i would be thankful

  •  Please read my blog, check and help me by correcting my mistakes if any.  I always feel afraid in writing and speaking Englsh so, I rarely speak and write anywhere but here, i get a chance to build up my confidence in English.

  • Hi i think that this is a Good place to learn english, but you van Aldo practice with skype, if you want my Id Skype is : Ottavio m
  • Welcome to English club

  • Thanks Roy, Anah Sidđiqui, Kristin and Mishaikh for your encouraging and correct my mistakes. :). I will try my best and you all too

  • The decision to join in a learning group was appreciable

  • You have chosen a right place to practice your English.. :)

    Welcome to EC and feel free to share your thoughts via blogs or discussions. :)

  • ...................and correct my mistakes?

  • hi dear....good motivation )
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