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Without thinking, I carried her bag and we went together toward the direction of the bus. Inside the bus, her seat was beside mine. Naturally, I was behind her at the line of the box office. I tried to sit near the window to enjoy the scenes, but the lady forbid me and she went and sat near the window herself. I did not say anything.

I started to look in front of me and did not pay attention to her. Then, she started to stare at me for a long time. I did not look at her but I was annoyed and could feel her eyes mesmerized on me. At last, I turned to look at her. She smiled saying,      " I have been examining how far were your patience and your tolerance.

"Patience on what?"

"on my lack of taste, I knew exactly what you have been thinking?"

I said to her, "I don't think you know what I have been thinking, and it's not important to know."

She said, "Ok, I will tell you something later, but right now, my mind is busy with how to repay your debt."

I said to her, "it doesn't matter, don't worry about it."

She said, "I have something to sell now, and repay your dollar, would you buy it or shall I show it to someone else?" 

"do you want me to buy it before I see it, what is it?" I said sarcastically.

She said, "it is  wisdom, give me one dollar, and I give you the wisdom." Then I said, "would you give me back my dollar if I did not like the wisdom?"  

"no, when you hear the speech, I cannot restore it, besides, I need the dollar to pay my debt to you."

to be continued... 


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    you helped her and she should give you the wisdom for free.

    • Mumnoon Saba! People behave in strange ways to their appreciation. 

  • Cam on Erlis Allyah! Thanks for pressing the like button!

  • I'm curious what wisdom is that.

    • Marlin Mngeke, kenapa kamu penasaran? Don't be curious. The third part is coming up. Everything will be clear. Thanks for your nice and thoughtful comment. 

  • Intriguing!

    • Mayumi, mengapa menarik? Thanks for your one word comment.

  • Interesting. Cannot  wait to hear what might happen next

    • Miya, wo ye shi he arigato! Thanks for your efforts in reading and commenting. 

    • Arigato Miya! The third part is coming up. Thanks for your sincere feelings. 

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