Its NoT aBouT Love

Listen to my story...


But do not be merciful to me

because a mercy cause weakness, and I am still strong in my misery (My Story--Khalil Gibran) was written in a perfect way

Late at night, the clockwise moved in the heartbeat rhythm.

my eyes still dry, reading couldn't make them tired and closed.

I put my book on the bench beside my bed, drowsiness evaporates

The memories Flashed,........

To the time when everything was so wonderful, words became so meaningful, even a faint smile on our lips was so amazing....  

the time, when nothing could stop us laughing, everything out from our mouth was making our hearts blooming....

and the time suddenly stopped

Frozen, sore innumerable, bitter than bitter....

Where were the wonderful time flies?............


Back to my bed, try to read one more paragraph, expel my restless, 

but still couldn't find the answer to my question..

Where were the feelings gone away, blowing like  a wind 

I wonder what are you doing there in this time? under the same sky and the same moon...


something hit my awareness, why did you think of something unattainable and ignore all you have already handheld?

I let ignorance destroy the happiness that came by. I took deep breath and exhaled slowly

People found love, people felt in love, people lost their love, happened every day

smiling, laughing, and then crying, smile again, laugh again and cry again like  a cycle of life

There were no reason to stop believing, why should we afraid of falling, if we always wanted to climb to get everything we are dreaming of.

Yes, I decided to take the chance, try to get happiness, climb the highest mountain called hope to find love, and when everything seems not to me, why should I mourn?

People suffer from the biggest misery, they survived, why small matter called love drawn me so deep? 

I decided to give only a faint of tears for love and wake up to catch the biggest dream of life.


almost morning, when I hit the hay, and sleep like a baby, I want to sleep and healing, I want to forget and decide to be happy with myself

This is a time to smile again and laugh again, after those faint tears last night

Your love takes me on a wonderful journey, make me laugh, you are a great gift, God has sent you to teach me a precious lesson even only in a short moment, from you I learn about hidden paradise that I have never seen before, you teach me how to express myself, it is wonderful to feel loved by you, thank you for everything

but life goes on, even for the broken hearted--lol   


If we love,

our love is not from us, nor it is for ourselves

If we rejoice,

Our joy is not within us, but in life itself

If we suffer,

our pain does not lay in our wounded, but the nature of conscience

(My Story, Khalil Gibran)






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  • To love or be loved may not be hard and hellish, but to get survived after being slashed by this "EASY" LOVE. May the bleeding wounds are not visible to the physical eyes, but they are still bleeding.

  • Sis thanks a lot, I will always remember that, thank your best wishes and the ti. :-)
    you always support me sister, it mean a lot...
  • Love begets love.  It is complicated when the persons involved are united by a solemn ceremony called matrimony.  But for the couples who are living together without the blessing of matrimony, it is easier to disentangle themselves from the clutch of hellish life.  

    I wish for you to have a kind and understanding partner in life in the future, Ratu. Always listen to your parents and the oldies.  It's not because they can guarantee you a good life in the future but because by doing so, you are saving yourself a good partner.  

    Remember that a good husband is a reward from above.  So be a good child.  

    A tip from a loving sister!

  • Thank you dear Elena,I wrote this with all my heart, I can feel the sorrow.....thanks for being with me
  • Lady Anne, miss you so, can't wait to share my story sister, I hope the busy time will end soon.
  • By the way, I hope to see the words "My Story, Ratu" at the end of your next blog....

  • Dear I promise to come again to place my comment about this blog.  Sorry for the delayed answer.  I am still very busy but don't worry busy times are almost over.  Please hold on for me, okay?  I will never skip a blog of yours, oh you know that.... just for this moment.

    Wait for me dear Ratu.  I miss you so much! I hope to have a voice chat with you again in skype.  I miss your laughter and your naughtiness, hahaha!

  • Outie baby....damn right!!!!
  • Hephzibah thank you for reading

  • nice blog..

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