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     Since , I was a little kind I liked going after secrets. Trying to know what's behind the curtains and inside the locked boxes . I knew it might sound impolite to run after other people private things , however my grandfather mother was holding the secrets of all humanity .
That day I got under her bed to find a box . I pulled it out tried to open it and wooow I saw unbelievable things . There were squares with some kinds of drawings . But they were distinctive drawings. They seem to be real or a copy of reality of the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen . Is it a paradise
I was moving my eyes betwixt and between, with many questions poping out into my small brain .
       When all of the sudden my grandmother came in her room and caught me spying on her wonderful secrets . She leaned to the ground and started to cry painfully. Sorry granny I won't do it again please forgive me . She said : it's okay dear . It is you have just opened a wound . My grandmother words encouraged me to ask and then was her answer . She told me all the story of earth . The blue planet that human destroyed with their failthy nauseous hands . She told me about many things about colors in the pictures about names of place and the catastrophe that ended this all . People started polluting everything because of their devilish souls and launched wars against each other . They burned their home . My grandmother family was part of a scientific project leaving earth toward Mars. They were among they few human beings who were able to settle down here . Other refused to leave earth and wanted to die there . 80 years ago people destroyed a beautiful planet called earth . I cried profusely with her . I only know Mars hot weather and red soil . How could they dare to do that to earth . How could they deprive us from it 


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  • Okay....nice to know, so all people should come to your place to breath....hum...I am good, Alhamdulillah ...

  •   I am fine dear bet :) what about you ? Yes , it is about 50 in the shade  in big saudi cities  but I am lucky because I live in the mountains  . It's nice here unlike the rest of the country  . Have a nice time dear bet :) 

  • Anyway how r u, I heard there is too hot in the deserts

  •   Yes dear bet  , this is one of effects of pollution  as well as floods and long winter

  • Hum....look how scorching hot we are experiencing this summer  around the globe!

  •    My dear friends Halima and Mishaikh   thank you both for reading my blog and showing your concern about earth  

  • it is really touching. wish we were more aware about the importance to save our mother blue home. 3177221777?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • it is a bright truth, even if you you have matophored it in your story. It is still going on, the destruction of the world.  It seems that we ourselves are draging the dooms day for us with even realizing it.

  •   Thanks for reading and giving your own point of view on my blog Zarman

  • This isn't a secret. This is such a history of human and selfishness. However, your grandmom should tell you. I think your grandmom think you aren't ready to accept it.

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