It Was Not Made For Me:

That was a nice evening.  I got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee in my desi way.  I first put a cup of milk in a pot and put it on the electric burner.  Let it boil.  When it has been boiled, I put one full spoon of Nescafe into it and let it boil.  After one or two minutes, it the coffee grain completely mixed and dissolved into the milk.  My coffee was ready.  I poured into my coffee mug and took it outside into my gallery.  I put the mug on the small round table and sat down on my chair.  I was about to take a sip of my coffee when I heard some disturbance on the road just outside my house.  I put the cup away and went to see what was happening.  There was a man who had been fallen down on the road from his scooter because at car hit him and ran.  I along with some other neighbors rushed to the man and help him standing up.  He was not physically hurt but got nervous.  I asked him where he was all right.  He tried to speak but could not say anything, just looked at me with worried eyes.  I asked me to come inside and requested one of my neighbors to put his scooter near my house.  I helped the man to walk to where I was sitting and about to have my coffee.  I let him sit on another chair, and relax.  After awhile I offered him my cup of coffee.  He took it from me and started to drink sip by sip.  I was looking at him, and thinking:  There is written the name of the eater on each and every grain.  That cup of coffee was not for me......................................................

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  • The event was destined to occur because for every grain it has already decided who will eat that but your kindness is appreciated.
  • Yes, we believe in this way!

  • Yes Marshaa, such things happen time to time providing us opportunities to ponder over.

  • Thanks Ada for your kind attention. 

  • Aww Mishaikh, It's so nice of you treat that person that way and offered your lovely coffee. Hope you made one for you  after that.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Well Done!

  • May its happening sometimes to anyone. Few days ago happened similar incident with me. I just started to taking my lunch and hear ringing our calling bell then I stop my lunch and open the door and see my a relative (who was aged lady) came into our house, I introduced with her and told her about lunch and she told me that she is so hungry and like to take lunch immediately. I checked but was not any extra foods that time, so I was given her my lunch. And after read your this blog I guessed that days lunch was not for me.. Like your writing.

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