It's a bit chili here today

It's a bit chili today (pun intended).9519340452?profile=RESIZE_710x

Some fresh Carolina Reapers and Red Ghost to dry;


40+ dried Carolina Reapers ground with seeds;


Brasilian Malaguetas used to make a new bottle of pepper sauce (not shown).  But 


These are some of my existing Southern Pepper Sauce of various spice levels.  Just combine chiles / chilies / chillis (Spelled a variety of ways) with 5% vinegar and a little salt in a glass bottle.  If you want it spicier, cook the chiles in a little oil before adding the vinegar.  Puncture each chile before cooking it or it will "explode".  


Drying other varieties chile today


using a commercial grade dehydrator.

Word of caution:  Chiles are misnamed.  Don't wear contacts nor touch your eyes when working with these super hot chiles; there's nothing chilly about them except the name.

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  •         Woooooow, what a beautiful pictures they are, my friend!  Really I fond of spicy food unlike my husband. I think spices add very deletions flavor to the nutrition. God bless you.  

  • Wooow, what a profi chilli master you are!! If you wanted to kill me, just add it to any dish you will serve 🤣

  • Is it usual Mexican food or spicy around there?  ...looks good although too much spicy for me. 

    Oh I didn't know home dehydrators are available. 

  • Xia xia! Tim New,  I am afraid of spicy food. My wife cooks my meals without adding any pepper or hot sauce. Thanks for sharing.

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