Hello guys, I saw a title among blogs, named "why we cant stop using smartphones" or someting like that and i want to tell you that "WE CAN". There some reasons of me stopping using my smart phone but there is only one main reason which is that I wanted to see what changes when i dont use my smartphone anymore. It has been one week already and so far things went well. And I can list what things has changed after stop using it.

1. More time to think for things around you.

2. More time for friends. At least I am not playing my phone anymore while they are talking to me.

3. I figured out there are high buildings in our neighboor hood. (when you do not use phone you check around more often)

There are also negative sides of not using smart phones

4. I can not take a photo of anywhere. (but not a big problem)

5. I can not call anyone or people can not reach me easily. (I am just emailing with my brother)

I can add a few more negative and positive advantages of not using smart phone but for now it seems enough.

And i am not thinking to use smart phone for a while. I may use an old phone that has no internet connection, has no camera. Old phones' batteries last so long it is very useful. 

If you want to change somethings in your lifes start with not using smartphones.

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  • Hello Janeth,

    Well said. You're absolutely right, thanks for your comment.

  • Your experience is pretty interesting.  It was a fact that you noticed more things around you.  You enjoyed nature, friends, the environment, etc.

    I think we all are a little intoxicated using smartphones and your idea of leaving them for a while is really good.  On the other hand it is difficult to stop using them, because we need them to work and communicate with family and friends.    But as I said before what you have done show us how absents we can live from our reality, if we do not know to keep a balance when we use technology.

  • Hi Elen,

    Yeah sometimes i need Gps feature also but I started using old what which is asking people around XD Thanks for your comment.

  • Hey Paul, no one doubt that using smartphones make his life easier. But unfortunately people don't just use smartphones but overuse them and that makes much of their time wasted.

    Good for you that you decided to abstain from your smartphone. Old good simple phone is recommended for any case they need you or you need anything :)

    As for me, fortunately I am not the kind of people who is with a mobile in the hand. But the last months my smartphone is my precious because of the GPS. Without it, I would have been lost million times in the city. It's a great discovery.

  • Hello Rayan,

    Actually i am not isalating myself from digital world since i am using my laptop. But using phone alot causes some problems and i guess it has been 2 week since i am not using it and things go well for now. Thanks for your reply I enjoyed it.

  • Hello Youssef,

    Yeah it is main issue, eveyone has some important work with their phones, at least you can try it some certain times.

  • I totally agree with you, but look, believe me, isolated your self from the digital world is not a great idea, cos' the thing is we need our smartphones whether we like it or not, at the very least to communicate with others, and  If you set some rules for yourself to not use your phone at certain times during the day, it would be completely interesting, this way, you do not just  take control of this phone, but also managing your time, effectively. try to think up some ways make you get all the benefits out of this digital world, and be aware of controlling it. don't get yourself involved so much! 

  • Nice blog!
    I tried to stop using smart phone but I can't for the moment because when I don't use it, I miss many information that some students may share in whatsapp groups. 

  • Hello Marek,

    Without TV is easy stuff for young generation but for old generation it is not easy to stop watching TV. Remember nothing is impossible.

  • What about a life without TV?? Possible or not?I have no TV and I must tell you I feel happy.

    Unfortunately life without the Internet is impossible ;-) Greetings from my Rabbit's hole.

    (Any corrections??)


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