Is the world near to ice age...

last year,i watched a movie "The day after tomorrow".I just watched it and thought if  it happen in real then hows the world and life?Will it freeze?                                                    Now from December,i felt that i m the character of movie and the world around me is the scenerio of movie thats going toward freezing day by day.The Falls,rivers are near to freeze.The Niagara fall is almost frost due to temperature.It is not only in Europe where temperature is mostly low but also in Asia and my own land Pakistan.May be its getting enjoyment for some days but after it effect badly on life.It is due to the sun is relaxed now a days.May be sun is in sleeping mood.As the British scientist Richard Harrison said,the sun is slow now a days even i can't see in last 100 years.It is like the 1645 to 1715 era when the Tames river was verglas.The mountains and hills covered with ice.That era called the Maunder minimum.According to some scientist that the Sunspots are rare this winter.                                                   The Gulf stream which effect the weather of America is also steady.That all things make the world insecure.These conversion of weather cause heavy rain fall,fire in jungles and heavy storms or flood.                              There are many reasons that the scientist told us which change the weather.These are because the luxuries we use like Air condition,refrigerator and different types of rays or gases emit from Auto mobiles or modern invention.                                      we are too much habitual of these splendor.We can deny all the side effects but can't leave these all opulence.                                                                                                                                

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  • not just thanks mishaikh also care n action of it :P 

  • Global Warming...........thanks for Sana Warning!

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