Bishop Reiterates his earlier call to burn the Quran/Koran on Saturday in memory of September 11, 2010!!!!!!What do you think!!!????What amazes me .. he's a religious man and clerics should be advocates for peaceNot instigators of war !!!!Does the CLERIC want to create enmity between Muslims and Christians in U..S.A????Why Islam is always attacked in the West?Why muslims do not retaliate by attacking other religions in other countries ?Why do Muslims respect other religions in their own countries and outside??It's easy to burn any holy book of other religions .. but Islam calls for respecting the other religions.What amazes me is that the cleric encouraged to do so ... why this mischief ?? ... Is this really freedom of expression??I do not know what to say .. because iam confused on hearing this news .I AM REALLY ENRAGED!!
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  • I think that being enraged and getting furious is the least thing that can be done towards such humiliation and offense.
    I protest on the idea of WAR , instead we can make use of such incidents to convey the message of Islam to those who never heard about it ,these are chances shouldn't be missed. We the Muslims are callers of peace not war. let all of us launch a campain of spreading the teachs and the real face of Islam.
  • Yes dear Dodeen
    Bob and Caroline's comments are very appreciated.
    Thanks for everyone who left a comment here.
    I wanted to say that we would like to live in peace not to offend any religion
    because we are all brothers in humanity
  • Keep praying....Let it be peace..

    We should always be patient and I hope that this problem can be overcome without any abusive action or violence....
  • We are as Moslem should be enraged because of this case..If our Holy Qur'an is truly burnt, I consider that Moslems should declare a open war to the responsible figures. Islam is very well known with patience, but patience even has its limit.

    This is a calamity to our lovely Islam..and if it occurs..we should be ready to have a war..However, if there is still any other option, we should consider it..
  • Salam Rose and Eid mubarek to you and all Muslims!
    concerning the behaviour of that clerik ,i think either he is foolish and suffers from a mental disorder or he wants to be more well known to the world .By doing so he incites to more hatred and violence between America and the Islamic world and between christianity(religion that we respect)and muslims!
  • Hello my friends
    I want to thank you all of you for your intrest to reply of my blog
    i appreciate your words specially Mr. Bob's comment and his respecting for Muslems.
    As you said always there good and bad people and,
    I agree with that we should help who wants to be a good person.
    Thank you .
  • Just remember that he is not a Cleric in the true sense of the word nor a Bishop. His title is self proclaimed. He has 50 followers only, and our government is discouraging him not encouraging him.

    We have over two centuries of law that protects his right to disagree. He can burn our flag, his own holy book, other's holy book, his mother's photo, the photo of our president. The US Constitution was written because we had been under a King who abused us and let his armies abuse us. The people were tired of being told what they could think or say. They no longer wanted to be told where to worship.

    In all this was good, but there is always some bad with the good. In the days of Abraham, of Jesus, and of Mohammed there were always some bad people. Mohammed had to go to Medina to be safe from being killed by some of his own people.
    Please realize that this man is someone who is either crazy and in need of help, or someone who cares about his own fame regardless of who gets hurt.

    We Americans know he is wrong. What Caroline was saying is not that people should fear Muslims, but that most Americans had never met a Muslim before 9/11. Many were so poorly read that they may not have known anything about Islam and (/11 scared them. They forgot that just a few years earlier a Christian, Timothy McVey, drove a truck bomb to the Federal building in Oklahoma City and blew up that building including the babies in day care. Yet they did not fear all Christians because they either were Christian or their neighbors were.

    We here in English Club can help spread understanding. Anyone who says all Muslims are bad is not any better than someone who labels all Christians, or all French, or all Turkish, or all German people bad. Remember, people are people and all live and love and fear and hope. There are some bad, but most are good or want to be good. We must help them to be good.

    Love you all,

  • Bob, you have done a terrific service here with your note. Some members are uncomfortable with this kind of discussion (religion and politics) on MyEC. We try not to censor content as long as it is not abusive. Even a story such as this can be useful for learning English. Your note makes for excellent reading practice. In fact, if you record your words it would make excellent listening practice as well. Thanks for all you do on this club.
  • My dearest Rose,

    I understand your concern about this person because I am equally revolted. Most Americans are shocked by his threats to burn a holy book. This man is absolutely wrong and to call him a cleric is to smear and diminish the word cleric for he is not part of any organized religion. He may call himself a bishop but he is no bishop.
    This man started a "church" himself which has about 50 members. I guess he can call himself bishop, or king, or emperor, but that means nothing because he is an "independent church" which stands alone (all 50 members).

    He has no organization above himself to answer to, (other than God, who cannot agree with this stupidity). God has given man the freedom to make decisions even if we make stupid choices. This man who concerns us all just seeks media coverage. The God we know would not want him to do this and I think that in my country there is outrage by 99.9% of us.

    You and I both know that everywhere in the world there is a crazy person or two. In my country a legal system was put in place over 200 years ago to protect people from the government telling them what religion to believe and from silencing their opinions in the hopes of giving people the opportunity to become great as they learn and grow. Obviously there will be a crazy person sometimes who will push too far trying to bring fame to themselves.

    I think we are probably better off here, in our wonderful community of English studies to leave politics and religion alone, or to be very careful that no body has hurt feelings.

    We will try to stop this crazy man over here within our laws that allow even idiots to say their opinion. We have seen before that this man only seeks media coverage. He does not seem to serve God, but only his vanity and maybe the dark powers.

    He has been warned that his actions are wrong and that he and his 50 members make all of the US look bad if they even discuss this stupid idea, much less to do it. Our law cannot stop him from burning our flag or the Christian or Jewish holy books. Still we can apply pressure and maybe all of the press coverage he has received will be enough. There is one law that he will break if he burns anything outdoors as he says he has planned. There is a law against burning anything without a permit (for fire and pollution protection). He will not be given a permit.

    Right now he is so happy that the media all around the world is saying his name and that of his little group of 50. We all hope and pray that is enough. We are a tolerant country as far as our laws, but this man will be sorry if he tries this because there many kinds of pressure besides the law that can be put upon people.

    We are all people of the book. We are all of the same God and the far back, we all trace back to the children of Abraham. You must try to see this person as the sick kind of man who will cause evil and hatred if it can make him famous. Please do not believe that other Americans support him because he stands alone but for his group of blind sheep. I shouldn't say that about sheep because they are a nice animal and smart compared to these people.

    Peace and love to everyone,
  • I found that the Muslim world, Christians are made to reduce the conflict into an action. action of the priests here to humiliate Islam, to create chaos is not one.
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