Is Life A Maze!!!

Greetings, everyone. It is a great pleasure for me to be a member in this community. I have been registering here from a few days only and this is the first thing I post here. Hope that you have a fun time reading it, it is just a words that across my mind and I thought it is always better to share what we think of!

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Is Life A Maze!!

What is like to have a normal life! How is it like our first sight of life! I have always wanted to know the real meaning of life and what does it hide for us in the coming days! Long time since I have started recognizing my own life - 19 years, 8 months and a few more days- . It was completely like a weird game.  It was simply as a maze, mysterious as a nightmare and long as the great wall of china.  My childish meaning of life was like one of the electronic adventure game I used to play when I was a child, when I have to survive the insecure world from my comfortable sofa by only one button press!! How my vision was so fun and innocent at the same time!! Anyway, I still stand and believe strongly on this! Even though it does not sounds true, but I would really live my life by the way that has been seen by my heart. You and I may struggle a lot to get our basic needs, to fulfill our dreams and to follow the inner power and talent that have been gifted for us.  The purpose from that is when something comes easily, it will go away as quick as the blink of an eye. That is why we have to insure that it is a bliss when things does not happen as we wished from the first time because when they will happen later we will appreciate how and when that stuff or achievements belongs to us. The life is only a matter of time, the end of it is unknown.  This is the life, it may seems complicated and full of actions. That is why we have to look for it from different aspects till we find the areas that fit on us.  



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  • It could be amazing or not , it is depend on your view , I believe life is like a journey and we must expect Unpredictable eventsو it will go easy if we take it easy and we could be very difficult if we take it hard.



  • welcomen to EC :) nice to meet you :)

  •  Thank you all for your lovely comments, you motivate me to continue writing.  Each words from you means a lot.  I really don't know how to make a comment for each reply, but I appreciate all the advices you have suggested to me and I'm going to follow them friends XOXO ..

  • Life is a will make you choose what way you have to go. You will face many decisions, where you will have to decide whether to go left, right, or straight ahead, there are more options at some points. There may be decision after decision after decision. So decide whats best path for you.

  • Welcome to the world of EC bloggers. 

    Life is indeed a maze, but what an amazing maze it is. You can never know what you are going to encounter in every twists and turns. Just be prepared to appreciate it all.

  • You are just turning to 20, so don't take stress to understand life. First enjoy it, second observe your surroundings, third you have to go a long way (Inshallah) to understand life.  Being subject of nature, and didn't come by our own free will, so leave it the natural aspect to lead, just try to understand your inner side, this is important, then strive to achieve your goal, big or small. You will see how the book of life will turn its pages to reveal its fact upon you.

  • Your first blog! I'm proud of you for writing Flowersong and thank you for letting me know about it. When you are new here it takes a while for people to find your blogs. You must make a lot of new friends so they can learn how life is a maze. I'm sure they will enjoy reading it too. Now go meet some more people and comment on their blogs so they will know that you exist. If you keep writing you will soon know lots of members. :)
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