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I've received our english club's message about writing ourseft. Firstly, I feel happy because it's glad to writing about ourseft, our plans to do next time and the way to get them.
I'm a Vietnamese student. I'm learning food technology and I'm sunior. I have many plans to do this year. And specially That's my English. Beside my study in my University, I want to master English to read English documents and communicate to everyone in the world. I want to study ways which foreign students learn and work when They've graduated.
Next time, I'm trying to practicing English to prepare TOIEC exam. Nowadays, Vietnamese students are improving their English and other languages to supply their study or work. That will help develop economic in Vietnam. I'm so happy this because I'm myself Vietnamese student.
Nice to meet you.
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  • Good day Hien, to be quite honest, I was not sure I get what you meant at this point:
    "I want to study ways which foreign students learn and work when They've graduated. "
  • hi
    So good, before time am learn like you Food, in Food industry college
    i thing you know that school....but not now, i left my school since2007
    and work other job...teribel
    we are friend,,,oke?
    let add my yahoo Nic. duy_anh_tuyen1984
    to discuss every thing
  • hi, nice to meet you
  • I am so proud of the Vietnamese students on MyEC. It seems your country is very keen on learning English. Thanks for introducing yourself. I hope anyone who reads this blog will be inspired to write a similar post!
  • Hi, I'm Vietnamese too. Nice to meet you ^^
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