Internet...the best way to learn.

Good evening guys. 

Hope you are going really good. 

Today, I want to write about how can we use internet in order to learn English. First of all, the internet is not going to replace a English course never, it is a complementary tool for reinforce your English proficiency. Besides, there are lots of pages that you can use regarding what topic you want to review or a specific skill you want foster. 

Let's get started. 

Of course, the first webpage that I would like to suggest is It is a excellent place to practice English, it has a section for English skills and for the main features of English grammar. Besides, there is a teaching area with tips and clues for teachers who want to improve their teaching skills. Moreover, we can find MyEnglishClub area, a place where users can exchanges their experiences while learning English.

Another webpage that I really like where you can practice English is bbclearning English  here you can practice very much. One particular feature that I like is the possibility that you have for downloading PodCasts. Give a try. 

The last webpages that I would like to share with you is EngVid Here you can find lots of videos that are going to help you a lot. There are topics dealing with grammar, vocabulary, communications and exams. I really like them because they are easy to understand.

I just share 3 because I want you to start sharing which other pages you use.

Give them a try. I'm looking forward to seeing your suggestions. 

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