Internet Marriage

I do not know how to begin this. It is a story about a fifty five year old man falling in love with a woman who is twenty years younger than him. First, I am wondering if that is possible or not! However, the experience is somehow strange and a bit complicated. It started on the internet. The internet and what will make you know the internet! They say it is a double edged weapon. It can cut both ways. Of course, you know what I am trying to say.

They were a teacher and a student. Suddenly it became something else. He gave her more time on Skype compared to the other students whom he had on his Skype list. The flame of love increased and he knew that it was not about teaching at all. The longing and passion during their sessions were obvious at least from his side. She was in another country and in another continent. It took several hours to fly there but he decided to meet her. To make the story short, they met. Her family was delighted and happy and at once the marriage took place.  

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  • Merci beaucoup Abdennour! Hehe, why the congratulations? Thanks for your comment on Internet Marriage!

  • Congratulations, it's fated.

  • :-D

  • Bilkul sahihee! I agree with you Rahul. It's not safe and it might lead to unknown risks. Thanks for commenting on that blog.

  • Xie xie Septem! That was quite a philosophy. Oh!  My God, you really have given it its full medicine. The bad guy does not want to show his dirt on the internet. He or she tries to wear a dress that does not really belong to him or her. This is the most serious matter about cyber love as you mentioned. Sep. you are ingenious.  

  • Over recent years, many people are looking for a friend/partner/soulmate in internet and some end up to marriage.. While some marriage are successful but others failed.

    I believe, how you met the person /partner is not too important. When you get married, your love and commitment to your partner is more important..Marriage is just a beginning of a journey.
  • Iragi, 

    As the saying goes, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." If there's no risk, there's no thrill! The risk often brings good luck. 

    "Don't buy a fish when its inside the river" - My point of view is: I have bought, buy now and will buy. 
    All depends from the personal style of life

  • nice one,
    In My point of view I said as Iraqi expression ( Don't buy a fish when its inside the river )

  • Akohomoda Denushi nigal ko walary nanni, thanks for your nice ideas about that kind of marriage. You have really given  detailed information about it. Thanks again!

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