Internet Marriage

I do not know how to begin this. It is a story about a fifty five year old man falling in love with a woman who is twenty years younger than him. First, I am wondering if that is possible or not! However, the experience is somehow strange and a bit complicated. It started on the internet. The internet and what will make you know the internet! They say it is a double edged weapon. It can cut both ways. Of course, you know what I am trying to say.

They were a teacher and a student. Suddenly it became something else. He gave her more time on Skype compared to the other students whom he had on his Skype list. The flame of love increased and he knew that it was not about teaching at all. The longing and passion during their sessions were obvious at least from his side. She was in another country and in another continent. It took several hours to fly there but he decided to meet her. To make the story short, they met. Her family was delighted and happy and at once the marriage took place.  

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  • Kasto cha tapai lei ra dhanybad. I hope you be my Nepalese teacher. What do you mean by saying,  based on a true story? Hehe thanks for commenting on Internet Marriage!

  •  With the increasing numbers in social networks peoples interact with each other in various ways.It may be some kind of story but it happens a lot now a days. Is it based on a true story Dara? hehe

  • Terima kasih atas waktunya. I like that kind of attitude, Winda. It's very risky as you said. I guess most of the readers agree with that direction. Thanks for your time, precious friend.

  • well dara, maybe thats happen with some people but for me thats quite risk to fallen in love with someone you never met because we dont know how she/he in real life but thanks for sharing :)

  • Yoku yata Franz! Kuto deta tetsu naku. That was indeed philosophy! Hehe, you have experienced a lot. Thanks for commenting on Internet Marriage.

  • Well Dara..honestly sometimes I don't believe the truthfulness of love created/happened through the internet but I've learned not to be judgmental about it anymore. Because you may find love without even trying to find it.
  • Saika ku ni! Dakedo sore wa Internet. How could you make sure that he or she is true about his feelings? Hehe, you chose the safe side, Franz. 

  • It only shows that love may occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone. I believe true love happens without reasons. No matter how complicated it is, as long as you both feel it,then nothing could stop it. It is upon the person if he/she willing to take the risk to be in the relationship or chooses not to be with it. After all love itself is too complicated,so I'd rather chose to experience love and be loved than not risking for it but ended up regretting at the end.
  • Kaifa halik ya Noura? Ki dara? Bekhair wa la baas! Ana daba kunt agool li Fatima, an tantabih lil internet. I respect your opinion, young lady. Thanks for that daring view about Internet Marriage.

  • Hariaka Dinushi. Nan okhto. I totally agree with you Din. Thanks for your nice view about Internet Marriage.

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