Internet Marriage

I do not know how to begin this. It is a story about a fifty five year old man falling in love with a woman who is twenty years younger than him. First, I am wondering if that is possible or not! However, the experience is somehow strange and a bit complicated. It started on the internet. The internet and what will make you know the internet! They say it is a double edged weapon. It can cut both ways. Of course, you know what I am trying to say.

They were a teacher and a student. Suddenly it became something else. He gave her more time on Skype compared to the other students whom he had on his Skype list. The flame of love increased and he knew that it was not about teaching at all. The longing and passion during their sessions were obvious at least from his side. She was in another country and in another continent. It took several hours to fly there but he decided to meet her. To make the story short, they met. Her family was delighted and happy and at once the marriage took place.  

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  • A amazing story. is it ur story or ur dream?

  • nice story... i like it.. its true that love is blind....

    may god bless them..

  • I loved that story! May God bless them!

  • It can be possible but I don't know at the end of your story was right or not.

    It was so strange that her parents accepted him as a groom. 

  • hi dara

    Age does not matter when comes to love, Now a day its easy to communicate  because of internet. anyway your story is good but  its usual happened .

  • It is an awesome story.

    why I'm internalize that its all about you. :) It is possible when you are fall in love.

  • Hi Dara,

    As promised, i read the internet marriage blog, it sound good .when i was in class 12th i was taught the similar story in my course that is PEN PAL ,it  seems a true story but not applied for everyone it could be only destiny.but story is really good and motivates to them those who are already fallen in love but not able to meet to each other, can get an idea how to run their relationships smoothly.



  • As some others say, is the man you!? If so, ...or not, I hope a happy end!!

  • Its very nice story to listen.God bless to them.

  • sorry for my english but it seems like storry of unrealistic romantic movie because the life is more real than that and the marriage is not the end of love storry it s the begining it s like company that we need to be carful when we chose our associate to fond it to make it eternal because the real love start and grow up after the marriage and the big deffrences well stem many problemes in the future which coud kill the love we have to wake up i know that it there many people who don t share this mind with me but we have to wake up and stop the influence of the love movies on our real life wich can be devestated
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