Informatics Specialists

Informatics Specialists

Informatics Specialists

The adoption of health information technology is rapidly increasing. IT governance provides a structure that aligns IT strategy with business strategy to help an organization achieve its goals. The chancellor of health affairs is at the top of the health IT structure. The positions that are directly under the chancellor include the dean of the school of medicine and CEO in hospitals . Teams responsible for data warehouse, EHR systems, and knowledge management report directly to the CEO or dean via the office of the research informatics center for health services, IT steering committee, and other committees.

The elements of the current health IT structure at my institution support the work of informatics specialists in various disciplines such as nursing and medicine by ensuring that the more strategic decisions are made at higher levels of the organization by the chancellor and the CEO. The structure describes the scope and duties, roles and responsibilities of all members. Such a structure helps informatics specialists to collaborate with each other in performing their work which, in turn, enhances their productivity. Collaboration helps informatics specialists to focus on a common goal.

The health IT components are aligned to the business goals and, thus, it ensures that IT sustains and extends organizational strategies and objectives. The IT structure defines the institutional priorities and ensures that they are aligned with the available informatics resources. The adjustment supports the effectiveness of the informatics specialists by ensuring maximum utilization of the available technological resources to meet the growing demand . My institution has also developed a health IT governance structure that allows informatics specialists to adapt their practices to changes in the healthcare environment due to reforms and high demand for advanced use of informatics in clinical settings.

In conclusion, the structure of health IT plays a critical role in a healthcare facility. It provides the alignment of organizational goals and institutional priorities with resources and helps informatics specialists to adapt to changes in the healthcare environment. The structure must be inclusive and collaborative to ensure that the staff focuses on the strategic priorities. A structure that supports goals and helps meet information technology challenges helps to achieve the intended strategic outcomes.

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