In that night

(In that night) is a famous Sudanese song. I wanted the members to feel those who get the blow in the tank. Getting the blow in the tank is very dangerous. it means explosion and it means the end of life for some. Someone loved a girl and someone else married her. Please enjoy reading

In that night, it was not easy for me

I could not forgive you or blame you

You took all the wounds and the smile

I came to congratulate you and shake hands

I extended my hands without any talk

Because I could not stand in front of you

I came back blocking my tears

In that night,

the people are sharing your joy

I felt I was a stranger there and you are a stranger in my world

I really felt the meaning of separation

I saw the tears behind the eyelashes 

Suppressed by sorrow and loss

The trembling of that palm was saying goodbye


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  • Gamza hamnida Inha Kim! Thanks for your nice feelings. By the way, where have you been? 

  • meaningful and nice lyrics... sad song.

  • Fi tank ya Badr! The man was hit in a very sensitive place. The heart. I remember Clint Eastwood in (For A Fistful Of Dollars) told Gian Maria Volente to aim at the heart. Most of the love stories have unhappy endings. Thanks, Badr for your nice comment.

  •  i think this man is expatriate always doing like that

  • Asante sana Mr Mambo! Thanks for everything. I liked that poem too. When people read it or listen to the song, they cry. Thanks again.

  • Xie xie Huiyu! It was a real story. Those two used to love each other a lot. Suddenly, someone came along and took that girl from him. That was the reason why that poem was made, to show the feelings of both them when departing. Thanks, Huiyu for your nice comment on that poem. 

  • I like 

    • Asante sana Mr. Mamboo! Thanks for your nice feelings. 

  • i like this article ,it's like a part of life.

    • Huiyu, wo xihuan zhong wen! Thanks for your comment on that sad poem.

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