If you want to become a good teacher,you should learn some psychological things.

Psychology is the science of soul''.The word psychology comes from two Greek words,that is ''Psyche'' and ''logos''.Which means 'soul' and 'to study' respectively.

  • Psychology is the science of mind.
  • Psychology is the science of consciousness.
  • Psychology is the science of behavior.


  • Psychology helps to predict future behavior.
  • It influences the search of truth.
  • It believes in cause and effect relationships.
  • It does not believe in subject ideas. 
  • It helps in developing the ability of self confidence.
  • It helps in preparing for future career.
  • The methods and techniques employed in psychology are quiet.

Why teachers are studying the psychological based education?

                                Education psychology helps the teacher to understand the child's attitude,aptitude,interest,attention and level of aspiration.

Children pass through different stages of development.Infancy,childhood,adulthood etc......Each stage has its own characteristics.A knowledge of these characteristics help the teacher to impart suitable instruction and to mould the behavior of the learner and to understand the nature of the class room learning also.

                        BEST WISHES FOR ALL THE TEACHERS.


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  • I do totally agree with you, Nishan.... 

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    I agree with you that it is important for every teacher to learn this field of psychology .

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  • Nice blog, thanks for sharing. Psychology is helpful in other aspects too, such as sport, fighting,.....

  • Excellent blog with lots of information... Happy teaching :)

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