If you are ever on CNN

Actually, if you are ever on any international TV. Here’s my advice. Keep your mouth shut. Until they ask you a direct question. Don’t answer hello. Don’t answer goodbye. Just answer any direct question.

Why do I say this? Because of...


International TV like CNN is not simultaneous. There’s a time lag and if you open your mouth to answer hello or goodbye it invariably comes at the wrong time. Net result: you just look...


Please keep your mouth shut. Nod and look wise.

Have you ever been on international TV?

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  • No i have never been on TV and would never like to be on CNN, It is a bunch of lairs and hypocrites. 

  • What is Channel 4? Which country?

  • The BBC are so poor they can't afford proper interviews. They just do interviews of people using laptops/Skype looking up their noses and at the ceiling above. So my advice, @Steam Engine, is to steer clear of BBC.

  • on tv interviews via skype is even worse

  • Actually, keeping your mouth shut is good advice at all times hahaha. We always look wiser when we say nothing^^

  • You have a valid point. Despite the rapid development of technology, this problem has still not been fixed.

  • No I have not been yet! Thanks for the advice!

  • On CNN....hahaha

    Still thanks for this wonderful advice... ;)

  • You are right Joe such actions are being used in editing resulting embarrassment especially for the celebrities.


  • hahaha lol all comments. Thanks

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