If the day would come

If the day would come when you no longer remember us,
if your eyes go blind, your ears deaf, and your lips don't have more words.

I will be your eyes to see, your ears to listen, your mouth to speak.
I will sing the songs for you if you don't remember their lyrics.

I will be as well our past, our presence, as also our future.
I will be your wife, your friend, your nurse, your chef.

Do not worry, don't be afraid, I will never leave, I will stay.
And if you need a lullaby as if you were a child, I will sing for you.

I will tenderly take you into my arms, kiss your cheeks and lips.
I will hold your hand and give you comfort if you are desperate.

If the day would come

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Rose Iris

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  • I thank you very much, ELF-Noor, for stopping by, reading and commenting on my poem.

  • WOW,

    Awesome, I really like this Poem.. ^_^

    How Sweetly, she is Expressing Her Love..

  • Those were your words that inspired me Rose.Thanks for your humble comment.

  • Hi Courtesy, thanks a lot for your nice comment. You have written nice words... I should have used them in my poem. You should try writing.

  • And i will show my respect by mourning and my remembarence will make you sacred in your absence..

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks so much for those precious lines.

  • Thanks, Caroline.

  • Thanks, Zina.

  • The time will show it, Onee-chan.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  • What a faithful couple. I hope she really can do that. :)

  • Thanks, Bernd.

    It's nice if we may see, we touched the souls of our readers.

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