if i can speak english fluently

hai everybody..

i'm new here..i really need your help to improve my english because i have a poor english especially in speaking.i also cannot write in english properly. i feel ashamed when my friend laugh when i cannot speak in english..it make me very humble and so stupid..huhu..so start from now, i really want to change my life and want to learn english very hard..

so please help me my friend..

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  • Hoi Syaju, I also new here,and I think we are on a good site to improve our English skills.

    Just try and your English will be better, I do the same, everyone makes mistakes

    Take care 

  • your in the correct  link dear, browse and get familiarized , with the set up,

    Be regular and you will see an enormous improvement

    All the best


  • thank you Expector smith and Nafis for your advices..i hope my English will improve when keep practice in MyEC..and i really need your cooperation to help me in English..may i get your email if you do not mind?because it easy for me to contact you when i need your help..
  • Dear friend, to practice speaking, please join us at Audio Speaking Group. A person who doesn't do anything, make no mistake!

    Take care,


  • Congratulations on your finding MyEC, which is the right place for you to learn/improve your English. Your first blog here looks good. And, nobody here will laugh at you because we know we all make mistakes here and there. Making mistakes is just part of your learning. 'Nobody here expects you to be perfect.' And, no mistake is a stupid mistake. Just make such mistakes here and really learn!
  • Great done Syaju !

    i touched in your words, you have big desire to improve your english however its difficulties are. We are all here to help and to learn from each other, maybe your pronunciation is not perfect but no one bore known or aware of a language even baby gets long time to master his mother language;p

    You have a good oppotunity to enhance your English here, just take time and hard efforts to feel yourself and get better, join groups, read posts and blogs, chat with memebers here to practise and learn new vocabularies, verse in Learn English section so as to build your Grammar and there are many methods to make for your purpose, nothing is impossible but the only condition is to work.

    If you need any thing, don't hesitate just ask me or any memeber here, we all are ready to give you hand.

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