iam so lonely today.

Today i look to the moon so far.

         i look to the stars so hight.

         i look to the sky so blue.

         i look  to  you  so happy  but  for me  so sad. 

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  • itis  nice  to feel lonely once in a while

    appreciate the moon so brightly  lit giving you free light

    The  wonders of the stars high up in the heavens yet a twinkle to our eye.

    the sky so blue , wipes away  all your blues, through its majestic serenes s.

    seeing  another happy erases my sadness

  • A day when You are not with me like a hell..... :((((((((((



  • yes  thank you very much  Waild. for tell me (looked at).  my english is not good. i speak not very well and spell not very good. hahahaha.  and thank you every one that visit and read my poam.
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