I was DELighTED!

Your love is like a lighthouse for me,

Guiding me to safety in stormy sea,

The day blooms by the touch of your hand,

Indeed you are my love, the best of friend,


How I adore to look at your beautiful face,

All worries disappear without a trace,

Opening a sunny window for tomorrow,

Dispersing all my gloom and sorrow,


I thank my fortune for giving me you,

For all the joy, bliss and happiness,

My luck came right out of the blue,

Your love and care is more than priceless,


It fills my heart with warmth when I recall,

Our romantic picnics in the countryside,

Making everyday troubles look so small,

With feelings we cannot so easily hide,


You are the best gift I ever had in life,

Without your tenderness and true love,

My life would be a gloomy and lonely walk,

In a dark corridor with all doors locked fast


There would be no place for me to rest,

Tosssed around on the waves of the sea of life

Mauled by dispair and grief of desolate state,

Without you, I would be ready to vanish,

Once for all.

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  • It's Amazing ryyyssss. 


    The outcome of nostalgia. 

  • I really enjoyed reading this, rysperski.  :-))  
    I like seeing all this appreciation and gratefulness in your words. That is what love means to me! And humbleness is always a great way to esteem what another person is doing for us all day. ;-)

  • Moi bozei Rysperski! I knew that our handsome friend is a greater writer, a cynical critic, and a great commentator, but I did not know that he had a delicate heart like that. From those verses which say, that guy was the best gift he ever had. Without that guy's tenderness and true love, his life would be sad and gloomy. 

    Mr. Rysperski continued to resemble his life without that guy like a lonely dark corridor. Even the doors in that corridor were locked.  Mr. Rysperski used words of extreme and deep devotion. I guess that love was true enough to let him remember the lovely and happy times that they spent in the countryside. So, you have all those feelings of love for that person and you never tried to tell us before. Now, I know that our Rys is a true lover. Thanks for sharing those emotional feelings with us. A poem to remember. 

  • I enjoyed reading this painstakingly composed poem. All the stanzas are well connected with rhyming words. In all the verses of this poem, the poet focuses on its theme that's what shows a great skill. This is the poem I can read out loudly before my wife :) thank for giving such a nice stuff :D 

  • Oi folks,

     Thank you all so much for reading my sweat-outs and leaving a comment.

    #Iris, if there were rhymes AABB and ABAB, I thought it would be democratic if I also presented some free verses [open form] to suit as many as possible potential readers...after all, you know how lusty I am for applause...;-)


    • Haha, Rys. I got you. You just wanted to be fair to all rhyme forms. 

      And here is my applause.


  • Hi, Rys.

    I like your poem very much. It is romantic and loving.
    Although you've changed the rhyme strategy from Pair-Rhyme (AABB) to Cross-Rhyme (ABAB), and you have not made a rhyming sound for the last two verses of your poem, it does not matter because the poem is fantastic.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.

  • Rys, I dont know that you can write a poem well. So romantic. I hope someday there is someone who writes such a beautiful poem for me.

  • Good job , yankee !

  • Thank you, Mishaikh!

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