I was Deleted

That was a deserted place, very big and horrifying. At a far distance, there was a narrow path covered in fog. The sky was overcast with stars and there was also the moon, even then there was darkness all around, the stars and the moon were dim. I was walking on the narrow path the yonder end of which seems to go nowhere. There appeared another narrow path from nowhere..........she was standing far away........may be at the distance of eternity. All at once the distance between me and her vanished, and I found her bending on my shoulder and I was holding her in my arm around her back. We were walking quietly, our lips were not moving, but still, there was communication, the darkness was gone, there was light evolving from everything, the stars and the moon began to shine, and so brighten the sky and earth. We kept walking quietly on that path. The path then suddenly divided, she got herself away from me and moved to that path which just appeared from the thin air. She looked at me. Her eyes turned strange as if we were not acquainted anymore. I found her going out of my grip. I was feeling as if she was going away forever. The darkness once again spread all around, and the stars and the moon put out. I kept looking at her disappearing into the darkness helplessly and in utter dejections. I again found myself standing in the same deserted horrifying place.

Then all scenario of the dream changed and I found myself in a place covered with clouds, clouds of all colors and shapes. I saw a marble palace on the horizon. Its boundary walls were spreading far away and the beautiful conical minarets were touching the sky. It was looking very beautiful, shining white amongst the colorful clouds. A path was going spirally, sometimes touching the clouds or at another place passing in between them up to the big gate of the palace. At some place, it was hidden in the fog. There, in a window, someone was standing, perhaps the same lady I dreamed earlier. It seemed as if she was waiting for someone, someone she loves. I was stepping up on the spiral path staring at her. I felt that I had been walking on that path since the beginning of time, but the distance was the same between me and her. The beautiful enchanting face was still at the same far distance as it was before. Then she disappeared from my sight. I felt a great tremor beneath my feet. Huge holes appeared in the walls of the palace, the minarets began to raze down, and everything within the sight was destroyed. The path under my feet broke, and I found myself falling down in the space where there is nothing but darkness…………pitch darkness………the heart splitting darkness.

Then the window of my eyes opened and I found myself lying in the bed. The sunlight was already in the room. I was lying in the bed thinking about the dream. Why it has been happening to me.

I got off the bed and went to my computer to check my email as usual. There was a single message……………..from her!................just one line message,
“I am deleting you from my life”

It seemed to me that everything began to destroy as it was destroying in my dream.

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    It's one of your favorite blogs as you said before. It's a nice blog.

  • I've read this blog before, dear Mishaikh. It's one of the posts you wrote a few years ago if I remember correctly.

    I liked reading it.

    It testifies you, your imagination, and your spirit.

    • Thanke once again Rose Iris.  Reading good writings again does not bore a good and sensitive reader.  You know, there happened to be a Suspense Writer in my native Urdu Ibn-e-Safi. (late). Most of us learned reading Urdu in our childhood to read his novels.  I have read his novels repeatedly hundred times.  I still brought some here in US to read again.

  •  I really like how you told about your dream.

  • Hi Mishaikh, Hahaha..Interesting!

  • Mishaikh, I really enjoy reading your story. You are really a great writer. Thanks for sharing this nice story. I am waiting for another one.

    • Thanks Tina, I am glad you like it.

  •  Caramba, there should be an asylum for desolate losers....... 

  • Koy baat nahi Mishaikh sahib! A dream is a dream. Some of them can be a note to a future incident. It could have been a wrong encounter. The description of the darkness and the disappearance of that lady was superb. It was not strange, the great blogger was doing it. 

    • Thanks dara for all encouragement.

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