I wanna train my finger tips

Today early morning I thought about my typing speed. As usually we all do I did search "general typing speed" on Google, the maximum typing speed was 212 words per minutes (WPM), I know It's huge speed which I can't achieve but I shamed on my speed, my speed was below than 1/8 of max speed, I know I'm not a typist and not a native English man, but I should speed up my typing speed more than this. 

this is one of the free online web site which I found to practice ; http://www.speedtypingonline.com/typing-tutor

if anyone has good suggestion to speed up my typing speed please comment below..  

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  • Tip for typing fast:

    Try to type word on keyboard NOT ALPHABETS.

    Example: When you type "the' your mind read it as whole NOT T H E (SPELLING).

    Try this.

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