I've been busy

Over the last 18 months I've been studying for a MA degree and the work involved has kept my visits to the English Club to a minimum. 
I still haven't completed the degree, but I am very close to completion.
One day soon I will be able to write blogs more often and possibly even chat in the chat room.

Hello to all my friends; I hope you haven't forgotten about me!

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  • Hi Ali,

    I just saw your post about nearly finishing the MA. Do you have a thesis defense and all of that formality left to complete?  Anyway best of luck with it.  I left Saudi Arabia last year and moved to Japan. I haven't been that regular here either. My first 6 months in Japan had me buried in work and learning how the culture works. Now things are going smoothly and I have time to work with some people who want to improve their English.

    Please stay in touch.   :)

  • Hi Ali, 

    Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Best of luck with your studies! We hope to see a graduation photo soon. 



  • Hi Ali, wow, you nailed it with my nick. Not many people recognised it such way. Yes. You are correct. I created this nick when I got bored with the same 'ASL please', and after that, nothing. That was a long long long time ago, when I entered EC some time in 2006/2007. When I re-entered EC in late 2012, I just want to maintain this nick in the hope that my former chat friends in EC will still remember me.

    Nice to meet you too. :)

  • good to see you back in action Ali :) ....thats awesome !! All the very best for your degree. Hoping to see more participation from you.

  • Thanks @noaslpls. I really do like the nickname you use. If I understand it correctly it means "no age, sex, location, please". I remember a time, many years ago when that was the only greeting and question a person would receive, as if that was the most important information you could ever give. 
    I don't recognise your name; I think I would have remembered if we had. Nice to meet you.

  • Hello :) I don't think we have the pleasure to interact before. Reality sucks sometimes, LOL, but it's the priority. 

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