I need your help :p


        Hey my dear friends^^,

 I wish you are all fine!!...I really don't know what to start with, but I will begin with the important! yesterday, my english teacher told us about an competition..but it's an important & big one! they choosed many students to participate in, & they choosed me too!!..but they will keep just the 4 good students ( the good ones, who can speak english very well....)..and the very important thing is those 4 students will go to USA..NY!!! for two weeks( go far from studies :p).It seems cool I really want to win and Im working for it..

  so really Im scared of the questions! because I don't how it will be? and what are they about!!..if you  know about the kind of those questions?? ..or did you participate in a competition like this before!! i need your help my friends!....my english is so bad & it needs more practise to improve it!

    p.s: if i did mistakes, please don't hesitate to correct them ! & thnx :)

   wish me a good luck

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  • hey Luty!

    thnx dear for your help!..I really appreciate it :)...for thê 1st sentence: 

    yeah I forget to write it( know)!...& for the second thnx for correcting it for me!.
    luty ^^

  • Siria: thnx sweetie ^^

    YENN:hmm i didn't said that Im sad because I participated in this competition, im just scared !! I don't want to lose!..that's why!.so thnx for your nice comment!..& yeah I agree with if we want we can win! thnx again friend :)

    Naveed : thnx :)

  • Best of luck!
  • I think you are not so bad as you said because you have been chosen to take part in USA competition, I am not a good person in learning english & just passed few english tests at my english centers :), so I don't know what should I help you, but I think you can (have you ever heard "if you want you can win"), let recheck & practise more & confidence yourself. Good luck

  • hmm ok, thnx for your comments DE WAN , Rajesh and Yasemin ^^
  • Prepare yourself for every kind of questions, from your hobbies to what you will be doing in 5 years.

    Wish you luck!

  • Good luck !

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