I need some help , please .

  One of my friends sent me this picture of an English exciers  . Well  , i have solved some of them but  no 12 , 13 and 14 were very difficult for me  . Who can help me with them . I am still eager to know if my answers were correct or not . Please  :) 


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  • Kaifik ya Rosemary. Ahib attanagum. Thanks for sharing.

    • :) I am okay  , thank you 

  • 4- thigh

    5- right

    8- firghten

    9- bravo O. M.

    12- bravo O. M.

    13- bravo O. M.

    14- bravo O. M.

  • 4. thigh

    5. right

    8. frighten

    9. freight

    12. weigh

    13. sleigh

    14. dismay

    •       Many thanks dear Olga :)

    • Hi, dear Olga. Right now, I was about to write when I saw your reply.

      I would have said the same as you.

      By the way, these examples of rhyming are not the best. LOL!
      No wonder why learners have problems with it.



      •      And it is for 4th grade primary school  . Imagine that  

             A second thank  for you Rose :) 

        • You arealways welcome, dear Rosemary. There is no need for thanks. I was to late...lol.

          Olga and SNR have done a good job!


          • Hello, Dear Rose!

            It wasn't a good job at all from my side. :P . Olga has done it. :)

      • Hi Rose, actually, in such spelling tasks there should be some clues about the missed word...I am sure students can find it somewhere before the rhyming ) Like here, for example:3642739766?profile=RESIZE_710x


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