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  • find turists in your country,and they will glade to speake to you,maybe a little,but its enough

    but where do you live?

  • There are many native speakers in the English speaking countries. That is the best place to study English. There are some schools in China with native speakers. My son just recently left Harbin after two years there. I think you can find some native speakers in your country but Chinese schools usually pay poorly and teachers may not stay long.

    We have MyEC, but most native speakers don't have time to talk. There are some teachers who can talk with you online for an hourly charge, maybe $20 US on up to $50. If you can go to school outside of China, you will have the easiest time learning very good English.

  • we each have the pattern and the rythm of our language imprinted in our brain!
    To get round this
    either you live in any english-speaking country and you'll progress quickly and effectively.
    Or if the opportunity occurs you got at least one english speaker to talk to as often as possible.
    (not necessary native but speaking English at ease in a 'comfortable intelligibility).

    There are four skills in learning English which are reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

    I have been studying for two years and a half so I have got a grounding at.
    I both read and write English ( email,forum,surfing the net,newspaper ) quite well.
    I live abroad and usually I make myself understood about the most important of daily life.
    And yet this is insufficient. I cannot understand easily all people because of their pronunciation,
    slang, different phrases and world from their own country. 

    Also, I got difficulty to understand  TV (my american series).

    In my opinion :
    To get on OK with ( traveling, doctor, shopping, talking to friends of this and that)
    it is not as hard as people make out.
    to understand the gist of the language properly as it is spoken and written,
    understanding speaker coming from all countries
    around the world. It'll take longtime I'm afraid.
    we are expected to be fully conversant with common English but talking to people
    from all over the world.
    be patient, tune your ears watching telly (different channels of different continents).
    about reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and even speaking I can help you out.
    about listening I have a long way to do.
    As you my only issue : 'spoken English practice'.

    'Practice makes perfect' this is the only way to step up English Fluency.

    Good luck!

  • I'm not a native English Speaker, but maybe you can join various groups in here, depending on your needs. Just browse through the group section of EC. Just click here and look at those wonderful groups of which I'm sure be able to help you. 

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